Should Airsoft guns be banned?

Any sport to do with shooting these days is becoming more popular by the day. Unfortunately the word “GUN” makes a lot of people jump, agitated and angry. The Airsoft guns of today are harmless providing safety rules are observed. Airsoft shooting is probably one of the safest and most popular sports enjoyed in the world today. But, still there are some people that think they should be banned.

Airsoft Guns were initially designed in Japan because the real firearms were illegal. Early in the 1990s, the Springer kits became available in the hobby stores. Also in the 1990s, Japan developed gas powered Airsoft guns, which replaced the cheaper plastic Automatic Electric Guns.

There are many ways in which the games of Airsoft and paintball are similar. However, the games really are not the same thing. But do the same people that would like to ban the Airsoft gun also want to ban the paintball gun?

I believe the “disapproval” from the people against the Airsoft gun is that they are to real looking. If someone would walk into a store with an Airsoft Gun and use it for robbery the Clerk behind the counter will not know the difference. If he’s smart he would give the money but if he panics he might pick up the gun behind the counter and shoot out of self defense.

To look at it technically: The robber could have never harmed the Clerk with this Airsoft Gun because of its 6 millimeter plastic Bbs, but still he did not come in to the store and shout “ok listen this is a robbery but this gun is not a real gun”. Thus the Airsoft gun isn’t harmful on its own but can become together with its user.

Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal under federal law, as well as the laws in each state. However, in some major cities and population centers the definition of a firearm within their respected ordinances includes propulsion by spring or compressed air, thus subject to applicable laws.

A few different states like Michigan allow the purchase of Airsoft guns, but they must have an orange tip on the barrel. New York City requires that all realistic toy or imitation firearm be made of clear or brightly colored plastics.

They still should be banned? Ok fair enough but then should a car as well? This object, in the USA, kills over 115 people each day. But because each person in the United States needs their car for work, shopping and because the oil industry is so important in our economy no one will ever even dream about banning the car even though it’s one of the most dangerous weapons in our society.

Would you rather have your daughter or wife walk outside at night without any self defense, with a real firearm or with an Airsoft Gun? These days it is very unfortunate that we have to carry self defense products with, but like anyone who has ever been in a situation like this knows it’s becoming more and more mandatory each and every day.

And to be fair, with all these rules and regulations to make it safe for society and the fact that Airsoft Guns started off as hobby and was never intended to be used as a “real” weapon it’s still is most commonly used in the sports world and that is where they should stay.