Short Hairstyles For Women

While very, very short hairstyles don’t leave a lot of room for playing around, short hairdos still provide women with some options. From the full-body, bouncy but short cuts popularized by such women as Hillary Clinton to the wispy do made famous by the likes of Sharon Stone, the short cut is one that can be comfortable, but still afford a few different styling options.

In general, women who love short cuts tend to do so for the following reasons:
* Simplicity. Since many of these cuts work quite well for wash-and-go action, there’s always the possibility of getting out of the door faster. This is great for women who don’t always have the time to primp, but still want to look their best.
* Styling choice. When a short cut isn’t too short, a woman still leaves the door open for different styles on different days. For those who don’t enjoy looking the same day in and day out, this is a great choice. The look can be left natural one day and enhanced with setting the next.
* Comfort. Short styles tend to be more comfortable – especially in warmer climates. Long hair just tends to get weighted down in the heat and can be made to look awful in moments.
* Confidence projecting. Although longer than short, short cuts, these styles still project a no-nonsense kind of attitude. This is great for professional women, mothers – anyone who wants to make it clear that she’s in charge, but still 100 percent woman.

The advantages of short hair for busy women are many. The simple fact of the matter is the short cuts can beat long hair hands down for those who need to look good but don’t have the time to spend hours in front of a mirror. Depending on the style chosen, these cuts can be very fashionable and feminine or even boyish and coy.

Although some maintenance will be required if the look is desired to stay, there’s something to be said for frequent trips to the salon. Every busy woman needs to take a little time out for herself and this kind of cut will save time on a daily basis, while forcing a little built in “me time” on a fairly regular basis for maintenance cuts.

We’re talking about hair that’s short enough to wash and go, but long enough to make it very clear what’s under the hair is 100 percent woman.