Shoes made for Skateboarding

Back then, Chuck Taylor sneakers were the only thing that would be light and durable enough to handle the rigorous abuse skateboarding could offer, as it involved grinding, padding or just pushing the board along the way for an easy cruise. Of course, since the return of skateboarding popularity, there are dozens of small and large companies that offer different styles and durability when it comes to skateboarding shoes.

It wouldn’t be unusual for anyone to wear just about any shoe, be it for hiking, basketball, or cross training, but the one thing that skateboarders would want is the lightness needed for better control of the skateboard as they perform tricks with ease. Style factor is also a plus, but that would come to a close second as spectators would rather see the performance of their favorite skater rather than what shoe they wear.

Converse’s Chuck Taylor needs no introduction, as it’s been around for nearly a century, which have an on and off popularity during the 70s onward. Design-wise and durability, as well as the advent of low, mid and high cuts, Chucks have been a favored shoe regardless of the times.

Nike also places an eye over the skateboarding trend, setting up their own line of shoes (since they already own Converse), as they have their own lineup of lightweight shoes with a more simplified design yet offer better traction and grip, best suited for verts and street skating. Made with the same technology for their Cross-trainers, their new line of skateboarding shoes would make the sport even more enjoyable.

Adidas would never be left out of the drink with their own line of skateboarding shoes, as theirs offer a more diverse line of designs with different materials to suit ever skateboarder’s taste. Well known for their durability, skateboarders would be satisfied with Adidas in terms of pricing. OIF course in not on the board, it can also be used as everyday wear for casual days outside.

These may be a few example with some of the biggest shoe companies in the market, as they are opening the potential of skateboarding as something to look forward to. Though it would be a long while before skateboarding could be considered as an Olympic event, at least on everyday roads, skateboarding is a competitive sport that requires protection and better handling with these shoes on the market today.