Shine Through Winning Awards

As a public relations consultant I was very excited to win an Event Communication award by the Public Relations Industry of Australia. To be recognized by my peers in such a competitive industry was like a stamp of approval for the hard work and dedication I had shown to the industry. As a result I was able to put, award winning PR consultant, on my marketing materials, place the award in my office and generally impress future potential clients.

Since then I have been involved in other business awards as I believe they are an important part of the public relations process. When I was young and commencing a modeling career I instinctively knew that to be successful I’d have to be well-known so I entered into model quests and beauty pageants as I knew that was one way to be noticed. I did win a number of competitions and as a result had a successful modeling career for a number of years.

Now I’m a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and am working hard to achieve my next level of accreditation. I hope that one year at our convention and awards night I will receive a CSP award because I’ll know then that I have reached the pinnacle of the profession.

The Public Relations Society of America, National Speakers Association and other associations throughout the world hold industry awards to highlight and promote their individual associations and to raise the bar and quality of work that is undertaken.

Telstra, Fuji Xerox and a multitude of big corporate organisations and smaller companies hold awards or sponsor awards. Most industry associations hold awards to recognise those within the association. There are awards of all types, think media, literature, hairdressing, sport, film, music, fashion, architecture…and the list goes on.

I put awards under the category of special events. Special events are a tactic or tool of public relations. Yes it could also be labeled promotion or marcomms but whatever you call it entering an award or hosting an awards ceremony can create greater awareness of your business.

Why would these organisations spend time and resources on an award rather than their core business?

* It helps profile their company or industry to a wider audience

* It helps give back to the community or target market

* It helps create excitement and positive energy

* It encourages and recognises people for their hard work and effort

* It brings people together to form alliances and networks

* It allows supporters and advocates to become involved

* It helps to increase the bottom line – not just financially but socially

Perhaps these are some reasons why you should spend time (and often dollars) submitting an award application even though you think you may not win. Another reason is it gives you the chance to look at your work through fresh eyes. Having to answer questions and be succinct about why you should be a winner could just help you believe that you already are.

Whether you’re in small business or work within an industry, consider that to succeed in your career it does help to be recognised and to be seen as a winner.