She Forgives You – Does This Mean That She Can’t Live Without You?

You are in a relationship for a long time, maybe already married and you can bet that she loves you with all her heart. You know this since she forgives you for the first time when you cheated her. She just can’t live without you. Are you sure? Think again!

When a man is getting something wrong for the first time in a relationship, he will feel a little insecure. But if his woman is forgiving him easily he will become secure of her love and more powerful.

What a friend of mine said to me is that you, by being a man, can make anything to a woman because if you go next day to her and say that you’re sorry and you love her, she will be happy to forgive you.

What my friend didn’t know is that after a woman forgives him, maybe she didn’t realize but she loves him less. And after a while if she is keeps forgiving him, one day he will be socked to realize that she doesn’t love him any more. Why? Because she is feeling weak, miserable every time she forgives him.

We have to be consciously about the fact that in any relationship there is a power rapport between man and woman. One of them is manipulating the other. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, as long as the one that is in charge is looking for his partner interests too.

The secret to make a human being to stay with you is to make that person to feel good. I have found on internet the words “I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I am next to you.” I believe that we all have to think hard to these words, but looking from our partner position.

It matters less who you are in a relationship! But this is a fact that we, men, can accept harder. Don’t we? 🙂

Let’s suppose that you are meeting two girls at the same time. Nice thought :). But you have to decide which one of them to choose for a long term relationship. One of them is good looking, sexy, with a great career but is only talking about her: her future, her dreams, her plans, all about her. The second is just a nice girl, is listening to you, laughing to your jokes and she already said to you that you are a great guy and she believe that your future is a success one. Which one you want next to you?

Now just stay for a moment and remember when was the last time when you have made your woman to feel that she is the best? Last month when she had forgiven you one more time? I don’t think so!

I have just one more question that I would like you to consider: For how long you think that your women will stay beside you?