Shanti Ananda

Contemporary everyday life is becoming increasingly hectic and fast paced. People often deserve a pleasure cum wellness holiday. What can be a better option than heading to a spa destination, where holistic well being mingles with leisure? So take a break from mundane everyday chores and pack your bags for a whole new experience at the Shanti Ananda, a destination spa on the beautiful Mauritian island. 

Coming from the stable of the reputed and award winning destination spa – Ananda located in the Himalayan heights, Shanti Ananda Maurice is a wonderful destination spa offering a blend of activity, leisure, fitness, spa therapies, and most importantly, a getaway from the humdrum of regular city life in the serene locales of Mauritius. 

About to swing into operation in December 2006, the destination spa covers 36 acres of land in the south of Mauritius at St. Felix. Well connected by air, the location offers a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean unparalleled by traditional beaches. The clear blue green waters betray the heart of the ocean-bed that is dotted with coral reefs. The surroundings – densely wooded hills – are a welcome deviation from the concrete jungles we are used to.

The accommodation at Shanti Ananda is best suited to cater to your needs. Choose from an array of junior ocean view suits, luxury villas with pools, luxury suite villas with pools, and a presidential villa. Four junior ocean view suits of 81 sq. mt. each are housed in a villa with two each on the ground and first floor. There are 44 such suites, which include large balconies that either offer a view of the sea or open up into a private courtyard. The specially designed bathrooms allow one to indulge in an outdoor shower in an enclosed courtyard. Apart from this, each suite offers a separate dressing room complete with a walk in closet, and a dressing table. The rooms are marked by spacious double beds, plasma TVs, a broadband internet connection, and video on demand, all of which help you stay connected to the world. The five 208 sq mt. luxury villas are have temperature controlled private swimming pools, exclusive private gardens and private Salas. Outdoor showers and lounge beds are add-ons. Also available are five luxury suite villas of 376 sq mt. each, housing a large living room besides the other features. The presidential villa is meant for the truly indulgent. Sprawling over 800 sq mt., it comprises of 3 bedrooms, open courtyards, swimming pool with a built in Jacuzzi and a steam room.

The cuisine at Shanti Ananda is something to look forward to. The ayurveda based spa cuisine first identifies the body type – vata, kapha or pitta and serves the right food best suited for a particular body type. Any cuisine can be adapted to this principal, thus laying emphasis on a wholesome diet which strengthens the immune system and provides energy as well. Be guaranteed of experiencing perfect health by following this cuisine. Moreover, an all day dining restaurant and a specialty restaurant, serve Mauritian and international cuisine. Other services include an exotic tea pavilion, round the clock room service with patio dining, and beach and poolside service.

Centered around a tea pavilion, the sprawling 50,000 sq ft. spa is surrounded by the tropical forest. A host of body and beauty treatments including ayurvedic therapies, international treatments, scrubs and hydrotherapy, wellness consultations, relaxation areas, oriental therapies and thalossotherapy are on offer. Customized treatments with a unique blend of traditional Indian therapies and contemporary treatments are also designed for discerning clients. Expert ayurvedic physicians, acclaimed spa therapists and personal trainers overlook the customized treatments meted out, in 17 treatment rooms allocated for various disciplines. A beauty and hair salon, a boutique, and a salt water pool for vastu treatments are the other highlights of the spa. The centre also offers internationally acclaimed ESPA beauty and body treatments. 

At Shanti Ananda, you can indulge in activities such as Vedanta, yoga, traditional meditation and gain insight into your inner self with the guidance of the visiting masters. Vedas, some of the most ancient scriptures of Hindu mythology are replete with the ultimate knowledge. Vedanta means the culmination of this knowledge. Disciples of Swami Parthasarthy, an internationally acclaimed exponent of Vedanta, lecture on the art of imbibing this precious knowledge in day to day life. These lectures are known to enhance physical well being, mental poise, and the skills required to strike a balance between the material and spiritual side of an individual. The traditional hatha yoga with variations to suit individual requirements is pursued at Shanti Ananda. An India art of well being, Yoga is known to aim at holistic healing, simultaneously taking care of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Though the meditation at Shanti Ananda finds its genesis in ancient Indian traditions, care is taken to suit it to contemporary living, and make it easy to practice each day. Other myriad areas of well being can be explored with the help of teachers, therapists, healers, ayurvedic doctors and guides who converge from all over the world to share their expert views on the intriguing aspects of health and overall well being.

If leisure is what you are looking at, Shanti Ananda is the place to be. Be it morning strolls in the wooded forests, nature walks in the hills accompanied by the sounds of chirping birds, or a simple trek, the scenic view follows you everywhere, and allows you to be at peace with yourself. It recharges you to take on the world with a new vigour. Other leisure activities that can be undertaken at this destination spa are pranayama, physical training and aerobics beachcombing, fitness sessions, cultural performances, deep sea fishing, aqua aerobics, aqua yoga, ayurveda lectures, cooking classes, tennis classes, library and golf at a 10 min distance.

Shanti is peace and Ananda is bliss. Rest assured that your days at this splendid destination spa will remain true to its name. It will be nothing short of inner peace and eternal bliss.