Seven Keys to a Great Relationship

Are you ready to create the relationship you desire? When you have the ingredients to a successful partnership, your chances of maintaining a strong, love connection can be increased. Love is not enough. It also takes commitment to self-growth, communication, and unconditional love.

The following seven guidelines can assist you to attract and enjoy a successful relationship.

1. I am ready to create what I want in a relationship.

Become clear about what you want in your relationship. Then share your thoughts with your partner. Know that you are powerful enough to have what you desire and that you deserve it.

2. I am my own best friend and I am responsible for my own life and happiness.

Love and like yourself and look to your relationship as the icing on the cake. Know that you are whole and complete by yourself and that you are the only one who can bring you lasting happiness.

3. I am learning to communicate clearly, specifically and constructively.

Take the time to communicate with yourself so that you can clearly tell your partner how you feel and what you want and need. Remember that you are responsible for all of your emotions and that you are okay no matter what your partner says or does.

4. I am letting go of hurtful thoughts and feelings from my past relationships.

Heal your past issues with your parents, siblings, and other loved ones. Then you will be able to clearly see your partner for who he or she really is.

5. I am continually seeking excitement, fun, and the magic of life with my partner.

Be romantic and explore different activities that you and your partner can enjoy. Create new ways to have fun and to keep your relationship alive and stimulating. For example, schedule weekly date nights.

6. I am encouraging my partner and myself to explore and develop our individual potentials.

Both you and your loved one will be a lot happier when you become all that you are. It takes two happy people to make a happy, successful relationship.

7. I love and accept my partner and myself unconditionally.

Focus on unconditionally loving yourself and then you will be able to offer the same true love to your partner. Unconditional love means heartfelt caring and kindness even though you may not approve of an action. It is an important key to health, happiness, success, and a fantastic relationship.