Setting Yourself Free in Three Quick Steps

Lilly Tomlin said, “The problem with the rat race is even if you win, you’re still a rat.”  A lot of us are running a rat race – feeling caged into a life of running and giving to everyone else FIRST, sometimes at your own expense.  We are pulled in so many different directions – work, family, finances.  It is time we put our foot down and stop feeling controlled – by people and circumstance.

Well, it’s time to set yourself free.  Today, begin to take stock of life and decide what is most important to you.  Evaluate the benefits and the losses of certain lifestyle choices.  In this quest to lead a fulfilling and quality life, here is my action plan to begin to set us free.

1. Free Yourself From Negative Influences.
Have you ever been in the company of a person so negative you felt completely exhausted afterwards?  Relationships with negative people can take a toll on your health, thoughts, and emotions.  You will become the people you associate with.

Quick Tip:    Don’t allow “toxic people” to rule your mindset. Remove yourself from the company of negative people (I also call these individuals “toxic people”).  If this isn’t possible (for example at a family function), limit the time of your interaction.

2. Stop Putting Your Needs on Hold.
We tend to put the needs of EVERYONE – our employer, family, and friends – ahead of our own.  To do this denies us the opportunity to fulfill our personal wishes, goals, and desires.

Quick Tip:    Make an appointment with yourself Today. Take the time now to stop and listen to your inner voice that so desperately wants to tell you your heart’s desires.  Now that you know what you want – take action and make your needs a top priority.

3. Think Outside The Box.
“We can’t do that!  It won’t work.  Besides we’ve done it this way for the last 20 years.”  How many times have you heard this?  We are creatures of habit and like to do things the same old way because it feels good.  We love familiarity – it’s comforting.  Unfortunately, that familiarity, or “the box,” can stifle our creative juices and rob us of great new ideas and opportunities.

Quick Tip:    Expand your comfort zone and start to think outside the box.  Take one thing you have done the same old way just because, and write down three new ways to do it. Take a chance.  You might just surprise yourself.

Remember – Focus on your needs and set yourself free!