Services offered by a Housekeeper / Nanny

A housekeeper or a nanny is a domestic service expert who has common responsibility for the upholding and cleaning of a private household. A housekeeper’s or a nanny’s initial job responsibility is to maintain the employer’s house in a clean and personable manner at all times. A housekeeper or nanny might live in or could live out, might be kept on employment on either a full time or on a part time basis.

A nanny or housekeeper is ‘hands on’ in the recital of his / her job responsibilities. A nanny might as well fulfill the responsibility of supervising other household staff, but this is not actually a norm. A nanny or housekeeper might further be assisted in the performance of his / her duties by a maid. The duties of a nanny or housekeeper might comprise of any of the following:

Cleaning the center of the home and the direct areas outside such as patios, porches, floors, and walks.
Kitchen maintenance – clean dishes, cupboards, storeroom, counters and other floors.
Laundry services (Clothing & family linens)
Bed making, schedule bedding & linen might change.
Meal Preparation & other kitchen Service
Assisting with the cooking and helping for some special events if any.
Grocery purchasing and other household everyday jobs.
Keeping the household supplies completely stocked without fail.
Receive & dish up guests.
Give pet care.
Give plant care (family)
Secure / manage, tradesmen / contractors
Organization: might turn around seasonal clothing in closets, uphold pantry and regularly clear out of date and spoiled items.
House-sitting as the boss is out of town
Nanny should fulfill childcare services
Household bookkeeping and other accounting tasks.

The place of housekeeper does not need any particular education. Skills necessary include self starter, time organization, diplomacy, honesty, and other basic money handling and accounting services. Might be uniformed for a staff position and may also need dietary training if food planning is required. Housekeeper is supervised by the homeowner in lesser households, and by the Household Manager in bigger households and estates. A housekeeper might be paid on either an hourly or on a salaried basis. The part-time housekeeper would usually earn $15 – $25 per hour. The full-time housekeeper probably earns $35K to $50K per year, plus benefits.