SEO And Sophisticated Doorway Pages Generators

Doorway pages are used to fetch up the ranking of web-pages in search results. The doorway page can be a keyword filled page primarily for the search engines. They are also known by the terms jump pages, portal pages, bridge pages, internet doorway pages, gateway pages and entry pages cause the cloaking scripts in the doorway pages redirects the user to the content page that the search engine has missed.

Adult doorway is the algorithm of creating adult related keyword categorical search engine cloaking pages, to redirect a user to an adult-content website through the search result link. Doorway domain is the procedure of search engine optimizing with the creation of a fresh website with links and redirecting scripts to the content page. Powerful doorway page software and important doorway page script can produce multiple doorway pages.

The doorway pages employ techniques like doorway cloaking or page cloaking to redirect a visitor to the particular website. IP cloaking is the approach of showing the search engine spiders a keyword rich page and showing yet another content page to the users. The search engine cloaking prevents the search engine from seeing the real intended page. Cloaking software and cloaking script used in doorway pages are intelligent enough to flash different pages to search engines and users.

Sophisticated Doorway pages generators like the TrafficBoosterProV2 employ the approximately advanced mechanism in cloaking and redirection that is clearly stealth from search engines and humans. TrafficBoosterPro for reference has managed to construct a redirection set of rules that can be ajusted to your needs. A set of rule could be like this: You have for example created 10,000 pages in your server but you want only to redirect visitors from a certain country, or visitors that have installed a certain language in their browser, then you will have only these visitors to be redirected and no one else. If you want to redirect Japanese visitors from Japan, but also Japanese visitors who lives in Europe and have installed Japanese browsers in their computers then this is the result you will return. If you want to redirect only visitors that have installed windows 98 operator system in their PC’s then only those visitors will be redirected. The same if they have MAC computers or Linux.

Now you can set rules that can redirect Japanese visitors that come from Japan and have windows 98 and MAC computers and not any Japanese visitor with Windows XP system. I could go on with examples to infinite but I think that you reach the general picture here. You can set your own rules and sets and of course you can choose to apply those rules in any number of single pages or after all folders or to the whole domain by using also wildcards like * for case ** or*

Of course not after all one rule will be applied if the visitor’s IP is a search engine cause of the IP cloaking protection. This way the domain will not be banned. The software I mentioned hereinabove can also syndicate new IP’s in it’s database as soon as it spots them. So Search engines bots like Googlebot if it comes to your pages from a new IP it will be logged (again if it hides the user agent). This is a protection measure called ARGM (Advanced Robot Guard Mechanishm) and it is a TrafficBoosterProV2 invention.

Doorway pages created by doorway pages generator wizard or cloaking script and the justified application of doorway cloaking techniques can act in favor of improved search engine rankings.

Doorway pages and/or your web-pages essential to have to be search engine optimized to reach maximum exposure.