Selling is All About Relationships

Selling is about interacting with people, other human beings. It is about connecting at a number of levels. Selling is all about relationships. It demands honesty and integrity and a perception of caring.

You do not necessarily need to be technically proficient to be a success in selling. Although computers, projectors, Powerpoint presentations, videos, spreadsheets, email campaigns, automated mail programs, CRM, Blackberry’s, flash drives and other technical marvels can certainly aid us in spreading our sales and marketing message, allowing us to reach out to more people faster than ever before, our success is not at all dependent upon the technology we employ. The technology is simply an aid, a tool, a resource. It is simply a means to an end. You are actually the message.

Mike Sansone recently wrote concerning this topic on his Converstations blog. He created a wonderful C.I.R.C.L.E. acronym as a reminder to us that success in life is truly a matter of developing and maintaining relationships with others. Through these relationships, our circle, we honesty try to benefit others and be a resource for them. In this manner, the biblical laws of reciprocity take over and we benefit as well. Consider Mike’s thoughts as applied to sales. Successful selling is all about:

Connections we make

Influences we earn

Relationships we build

Conversations we conduct

Leveraging newfound knowledge

Engaging in new projects, collaborations…friendships. And then, we make new connections…

People tend to get hung up on technology, or at least allow it to get in their way. All too often it becomes either a crutch of dependence or an excuse for poor performance. In reality, technology is a tool. It allows us to be more efficient and streamlined in our work, able to respond faster and communicate with more people.

Our technology tools are helpful and necessary assets, never intended to replace the presentation or the message. Consider the scenario of a sales presentation to a room full of engineers where your projector bulb burns out, prohibiting your wonderful slide show that took you hours to prepare. Is your attitude in check? How are your nerves? Could you still deliver the goods, capturing the attention of your audience despite this setback? Will they even notice? It is up to you.

It’s relationships that ultimately matter. Those relationships start with honest communication and direct eye contact. They endure trials because you always have the other person’s best interests in mind. In the end, that’s what will further our prosperity, bringing ultimate satisfaction and allowing us to reach our stated goals. The relationships will remain when the hectic nature of the day has passed.