Sell More Life Insurance by Being a Good Listener

There are great benefits in being a good listener. In fact, this ability can add big dollars to your income instantly.

Good listening skills will enable you to close far more cases than you ever have before. The sad thing is most life insurance agents lack these skills. Major U.S. corporations invest huge sums of money each year to train their personnel to enhance their listening skills.

We’ve all experienced this at one time or another; we give someone direct, specific instructions but somehow they only catch bits and pieces.

It’s Not Just Life Insurance Agents…It’s Everyone!

I recall even back in elementary school, the teacher would line all the students up and have them pass a secret from person to person. By the time the secret got to the last student, the message was totally different. I used to think someone intentionally changed the story, but I have since come to realize that people in general just don’t listen.

Some people simply don’t have the know-how to listen, others that have the skill to listen often don’t.

Some of the reasons people don’t listen are that they’re preoccupied with other thoughts, they’re in a hurry, they’re too tired or they are simply unable to focus their attention.

How Can a Life Insurance Agent Convert More Leads by Listening?

In selling life insurance, you should listen to acquire useful information. Not just to be polite, build rapport or to flatter your prospect or client… although, these are beneficial side effects of being a good listener.

There’s nothing more flattering and compelling to a person than to have someone’s total focus and undivided attention.

Ya see, if you quietly listen to your clients, and even your newer life insurance leads, they will tell you exactly what you want to hear… “What it will take to sell them.”

They will tell you what it will take to make them happy and “What they want.” And after all, isn’t that the secret to successfully selling life insurance… “Providing what people want.” The more you listen, the more people will confide in you and trust you.

You will be surprised how often people will give you what you need to convert this lead into a sale, if you are ready and willing to receive it… and recognize it when you get it.