Self Respect

Every human being is created by the same process but with unique qualities to fulfill a unique purpose in their lives. Our most important duty as a human being is to find out that purpose in our lives and act in a way that we can make some difference. Nothing significant can be done without respecting yourself.
“Self-respect is the corner stone of all virtues.”
John Herschell.
Self-respect is not a rocket science. It is simply to accept yourself, acknowledge and improve your good habits, acknowledge and remove your bad habits. Keep feeding your good habits by practicing them and keep hungry bad habits till they are replaced with good ones. When we respect ourselves, we do not judge us by others, we do not compare us with others, we find happiness inside, we are confident on us, we are not jealous , we are not stressed, we are not victim, we build a character, we are principal driven, we respect others, we are team player and we are leader.
The surest way of increasing self -respect is to continuously install good habits in your operating system. As Mr. Stephen R Covey wrote in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, A Habit is a junction of three things Desire, Knowledge and skills. Always keep working on these three fundamentals of habit and raise your self-respect each day to a new level.
Self-respect is a decision, you have to make. No one else is ever going to give you. You have to be your own leader. Once you have decided, you will discover a new way of living. Remember, in the process of gaining self-respect, you will find many failures but be sure success is yours.
“Get up every time when you fall is the fruit you get from the tree of self-respect”