Self Improvement and Human Desire

Some discussions that I’ve had with people lately got me thinking about self improvement and the constant desire to improve. It is no secret that it is human nature to never be satisfied. We always tend to want more no matter how much we have. The question then becomes: can we be satisfied and still have a desire for more at the same time?

I believe that we can be satisfied with all we have and still want more. We can appreciate all we have going for us in life and experience a feeling of contentment. We can feel that we would be happy if life continued on just as it now with nothing changing, for better or worse.

But that doesn’t mean we would stop desiring more. Satisfaction is a feeling that our needs are being fulfilled. It is a feeling that we are physically, mentally, and emotionally at ease.

But we can still want more.

The human nature desire for constant improvement is what makes the world tick. It drives innovation and creation. It fosters growth in every area and the creation of new areas.

Everything that we build in our generation is passed on to future generations. Every bit of knowledge that we uncover gets passed on to these future generations. These future generations will then take what we give them and improve upon it.

Life would be quite boring if this wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t be writing this article if this wasn’t the case. A lot of great technological advance that we have now would not be there if people were not constantly looking to improve. The very computer that I wrote this article on probably would never have been created.

You could make the argument that we would still be happy living in simpler times if we never knew of this technology. That is true, and that is why I believe that we can be satisfied with what we have and still desire more.

The desire for more is what gives life excitement. It gives us something to look forward to–something to work for. It gives us a sense of purpose in life. It drives us to be the best people we can be. It drives us to create amazing value with our talents and skills. It drives us to fulfill the lives of others as we fulfill our own.

The desire for more is what makes this world such a great, exciting place to live. It makes life worth living, rather than simply existing.

Self improvement is all about the desire for more. We want more of ourselves, and we want to experience more of life.

To me, this is a beautiful thing.