Self Hypnosis And NLP To Re-Invent Yourself

I am sat, writing this at the end of December 2008 I have met and talked with quite a few people that would like next year to be different from the last. This article contains a few ideas as to how you can make that happen more easily.

Many people are looking for the changes on the outside, they want bigger, better or just different results. The issue often is that they are getting the results they are getting because of things on the inside.

For example someone that would like to start their own business but is risk adverse is only living a pipe dream. Someone that thinks they are worth more money but is unwilling to stand up for themselves in an appraisal is not going to get the money. A young man in love with the woman next door but with a belief that she would not be interested in him is destined to be alone.

What you see about a person is their results and their behavior. But this is driven by things that are buried in your unconscious mind. There are many different names and definitions for the things buried in you unconscious depending on which schools of NLP, Hypnosis or Psychology you favor. We are going to just talk about a general subset of these things that I am going to label beliefs.

Self Hypnosis is a technique to bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. It gives you the opportunity to talk directly with your unconscious and set things a little differently. How different would people above be if they had different beliefs about themselves and their situation?

Beliefs don’t have to have any basis in fact; they just have to be believed. They are formed from early child hood and are based on experience, although not necessarily your own. A lot of your beliefs are formed in your younger years and are based on the experiences of the significant adults in your life at the time. If, for example you lived in a family that was very academic but despised the rich, there may be a whole lot of beliefs that you might have carried on in to later life without being consciously aware of it. This could make you very academically successful but have no money to show for it.

By using self hypnosis techniques you can examine the person you would have to be to create the results that you want in your life. By comparing this to how you are currently you can smoke out the beliefs that are not helping, the beliefs that would empower you and drive your behavior towards what you want.

Imagine a train running along on the rails. Obviously the person that is laying the rails has complete control over where the train will go. The only issue is how fast or slow the train goes. Changing your beliefs is the same as taking control of those rails. The reason people find change difficult is because they are continually trying to push the train in a different direction. If you just automatically moved the rails to point in the direction you want to go then the train automatically follows.

Imagine someone that believed taking calculated risks were a natural part of life, or someone that beliefs they do good work and is prepared to be rewarded and recognized for it. Or how about a young man who knows that he is a good a catch, if not better than most and is prepared to give the woman next door the opportunity to find out for herself. If these people believed these things how would it change their situation?

Using the right Self Hypnosis and NLP Techniques these things can change quickly and easily. In simple terms given the right training you have the opportunity to be in control of those rails. Find out more about NLP and Hypnotic Coaching at the website.