Self Help Meditation – A New Way to a Better Life

Self help is about individual improvement and about the manner in which you can improve yourself, your state of existence and your life. It is connected to many different categories such as health, wealth, happiness, relationships, self esteem, abundance, and the list goes on. It is a concept based on one’s abilities to gather the “mental” strength needed to improve their life. By being able to help one’s self it allows them to regain control of their life, make improvements and help others with similar difficulties.

Self help, or Personal Development as it’s sometimes referred to, starts when a person realize a certain aspect of them self (or their life) needs to be changed, added or improved upon. This realization indicates that a time of great personal growth is approaching as they contemplate taking action towards making this change. This state of awakening is also known as self-empowerment which is the underlying force that will guide them to achieving their goal.

Natural Growth

As human beings we have little choice but to experience growth during our lives. I frequently tell people my life is an evolution, not a closed end or limited experience, because as I continually encounter growth; growth which I freely welcome. And, when inner growth is the focus, one’s external reality will reflect it in a positive way.

Personal growth is the natural course in everyone’s life however many people are resistant to it because it is commonly associated with change. In this case, their life appears to be stagnant even though they are unknowingly experiencing some growth. On the other hand, when change is welcome in one’s life, and personal development becomes a goal, the natural growth rate is enhanced and the positive results are greater.

Empowerment of Personal Development

Empowerment is a strong indicator that you believe you can achieve whatever you set out to accomplish. It is a function of the desire and commitment you need to reach the goal. It can also be viewed as giving yourself the authority to take personal responsibility for attaining your objectives. The most rewarding part of “helping yourself” is you decide what you want to bring into (or change) your life and how, where and when you’ll get it. And, obtaining the goal increases your ability for continued growth at a faster pace because it builds self-confidence.

Empowerment is an essential part of Personal Development because it strengthens your capacity to satisfy your own needs, solve your own problems, and acquire the necessary resources to take control over your life. The byproduct of it is finding inner peace, obtaining greater happiness and the increasing your self-worth.

Self Help and Meditation

The most astonishing factor to Self Help and Personal Development, which is frequently overlooked, is tuning into your inner being for help and guidance through meditation. The true source of empowerment comes only from within and will only be recognized when the mind is silent and clear of thought. The guidance from the higher intelligence which inside all of us is only realized when we make the choice to access it and accept it into our life.

Affirmations, declarations and positive thinking are tremendous tools which can help you reach your self improvement goals though they are practically ineffective when used in the normal “awake” conscious sate of mind. However, when the mind is quieted through mediation the effectiveness of these tools will increase dramatically. This is due to the greater focus and clarity achieved when in the meditative state.

In addition, meditation also gives you the ability to connect with your higher intelligence and use your mind in a genius like way. This added benefit gives you access to additional resources which lead to more effective and faster problem solving. In addition, you can also seek guidance from this amazing source when you need the answer to questions which are not available or apparent while at the conscious state of mind.

Helping Your Self

Individual improvement and self development begins by recognizing the need for change in your life. How the change manifests, and how you grow as a person, is proportional to the effort you put into it. Your desire and determination to make the change will dictate your success in reaching the goal.

Learning how to meditate, and how to use it to assist you in your Self Help needs, will not only speed the process, it will also help you to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. It will help you become the person you desire to be and live life exactly the way you want. And, the best part is, this form of Self Help is always available to you.

English author Aldous Huxley summed it up best: “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”