Self Esteem Magic for Average People

What if you were born with a genetic hearing impairment that later caused you to drop out of High School and grab the first factory job you could find. Do you think you might have low self esteem? Do you think you could learn to overcome such odds?

That hearing impaired, High School drop out, went on to become a well respected TV News Anchorman and News Director in spite of the odds. I am that person and I learned how to build my self-esteem so I was ready when opportunity knocked. I had poor self esteem all through childhood and my teen years. Are your suffering from low self esteem?

Here are some quick tips to identify your current level of self esteem and how to change you mind about yourself:

1. You didn’t have good models of self esteem as children from your parents, or at school. You need to see yourself as a worthy person, unique among the billions of people on the plant. You are one of a kind and gifted with hidden talent you simply need to uncover.

2. Do you assess how you feel about yourself based on the temporary ups and downs of a day. When something goes wrong, do you feel bad about yourself? Realize that everyone has ups and downs. It’s how you handle them that determines your success or failure in life. Stop taking ups and downs personally and see them as valuable lessons from which to learn.

3. Do you have a sense of (healthy) humor, the ability to laugh at oneself (within reason)? When someone makes fun of you you need to laugh WITH them and say, in jest, “I know. It’s hard not being perfect like you!”

4. Do you struggle with self discipline? Are you a procrastinator? Start doing little chores as soon as they pop up. Do them immediately and you will develop the habit of being proactive.

5. Do you really know yourself? How are you energized? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your passions? Take a Inventory by making a list. Be honest and have no fear about writing everything you can think of.

6. What are the top two things that you feel are pulling down your self esteem. For example, does your biggest self esteem issue stems from your being overweight? Being short? Balding? Lack of education? Your color? Your nationality? Realize that you are not alone when it comes to focusing on your imagined shortcomings. Instead of thinking negatively about them, think positively about those things that set you apart from other people, things that would be considered assets.

In extreme cases of low self esteem, the help of a licensed therapist may be the way to go for you. If you have mildly low self esteem, you can also search the Internet for resources to help you develop your own approach to the problem.

I can tell you from personal experience – raising your self esteem could be the path to a whole new life.