Self Esteem and Physical Activity

Self-esteem and physical activity go hand in hand. Our physiology and state of mind affect each other on an on-going basis. Physical activity is a very important part of developing higher self-esteem. It gives you a sense of control in your life and generates good hormones that help you develop your mental immune system as well.

One of the most intense experiences in my life was doing an actual fire walk. This is a good example of self-esteem and physical activity working together. So here I would like to share that with you though an excerpt from my book “Firewalker.”

The Fire Walk: “Think all things possible, and they become so. Only in the barren earth of disbelief, does our life lay fallow…” “Red sparks circled their way up towards the night sky, dancing an odd tempo to the music. Then the clapping began, at first slowly, in rhythm, then faster and faster. The air, fraught with emotion, felt oddly alive. Wheelbarrows of glowing coals were pushed from the fire pits. Crewmembers in black t-shirts carefully moved through the crowd, shoveling the hot embers onto the ground in long rows. The heat pressed upwards and the smell of wood smoke filled the air. I found myself quickly at the front of the line. Nothing but an overwhelming sense of strength flooded through my mind. The red coals spread out in front of me, vibrant in the darkness; I could feel their heat on my face. I stood, feet firmly planted on the ground, and brought my fist down to meet my open palm. I had practiced this move, imagining walls falling before me, oceans parting, and all the power of existence drawing into me in that one moment. A lightness of being filled me, as if I could float over the very earth itself. “Cool moss…” I chanted the mantra aloud as I stepped forward with long, purposeful strides, eyes skyward. My feet hit the coals and I felt as if I were walking on a pathway of crushed velvet. It pressed softly up under my feet, barely warm to the touch. By the time I reached the end it had happened all too quickly. At that moment I became all that existed. Enveloped by the light of the fire-walk, the night sky bore silent witness to the stirring of my spirit. “Firewalker” the word lingered in my mind, mine and not mine. Every door lay unhinged and every path lay open. All that had ever held me back now seemed a dim shadow in a distant land.”

This was a very physical experience that helped me rediscover that powerful part of my creativity that can perceive the limitless possibilities around us at all times.