Self Defense Tips – Ways To Protect Yourself

With crime on the rise, being able to protect yourself at home, in your car, and on the go is the most important thing you can do. Even though self defense is an imperative skill to have, many people, unfotunately, are unaware of how they can protect themselves. It is important that you learn to protect yourself no matter what situation may arise. The following are some beneficial tip that will help you in keeping yourself safe.

Protecting Yourself At Home

Of course the best thing to do when you’re at home is to make your home safe so you won’t have to deal with anyone breaking in, such as locking doors and windows and investing in deadbolts. However, no matter how great a job you do on protecting your home, someone could still get in and you may have to protect yourself. If someone has broken into your home, the best thing you can do is to lock yourself in your room and call the police; however, it does not always work out this way. You may be sleeping and not hear the intruder until they are in the room with you, in which case you should fake sleep and roll over and get ready to run. If the robber comes to close, then give him a good eye jab and get away as fast as possible.

Protecting Yourself in a Car

You will also want to be able to protect yourself in the car and while you are going to your car. Be sure to always check in the back seats before you get into the car and drive away. Also, watch out for anyone who may be hiding under your car. When you are parking, make sure that you park in a well lighted area as well. The most important thing about staying safe in your car is always being aware of your surroundings.

On the Street Protection

Protecting yourself on the street is important as well. Knowing how to ward off an attacker is important if a problem develops. First of all try to prevent attacks from occurring by never walking by yourself after dark or through bad parts of the city. If you do end up being attacked try and use your head to get in a blow to their face if they are grabbed. Use your fists, elbows, and feet to get in blows on your attacker. Focus on hitting their abdomen, stomping their instep, going for nose blows, and the groin area if your assailant is a man.

Non-Lethal Weapons for Self Defense

There are a variety of excellent non-lethal weapons out there that can be used for self defense, whether at home, in the car, or on the street. Pepper spray is a very common weapon that can be used to buy you time to get away. Personal alarms can be used to help alert others to what is happening to you and may scare the attacker away as well. Stun guns are also an excellent choice of weapons and they can render your attacker ineffective so you can get away. Consider investing in some non-lethal weapons for protection. By doing this, it may make a difference in your life some day.