Self and Soul Discovery with Yoga

Natural healing is a great starting point to help any one discover the self and soul. However, it takes effort on our part. The effort we apply involves using proven techniques that guide us to self-discovery. Some of the natural methods used for thousands of years that have proven effective, include yoga.

Yoga (YUGA, Yoke, Sanskrit), is “one of the six classic systems of Hindu philosophy,” that has distinguished characteristics from other practices. This particular practice encourages self-awareness.

Sanskrit and Ayurveda were used as alternative medicines. The prime purpose of these practices is to avert disease that emerges from imbalances of life. The Hindu practices have proven useful for many decades and continue to show beneficial results today.

Some of the practices of yoga include LAYA, HATHA, Mantra, SHAKTI, JIIANA, YANTRA, KUNDALINI, DHYANA, TANTRIC, guru, Samadhi and MILAREPA.

The various yoga methods have their own purpose, still each method practiced brings forth self-fulfillment in some way. HATHA is said to teach an entity to breathe naturally. Ultimately, practicing HATHA will guide one to self-control of the body and energy.

An entity can achieve a level of self-control that allows him to master methods of yoga, which directs him to take power of his breathing, mind, body and vitality, as well as his willpower, divine love, disposition, energy, sound, structure, thoughts, emotions, knowledge, activities, soul, self and more.

Before one starts yogic methods, he must learn that posture and breathing plays a crucial part in yogic practices. As well, meditation must be mastered to get the most out of yogic practices.

When one practices such methods, he must sit in position, focus on breathing, posture, et cetera, and move to meditation. Breathing involves learning the steps of inhaling and exhaling naturally. The posture or pose makes up one’s stance, attitude, et cetera, and moves that entity to self-awareness. Composition of his /her posture helps the person to welcome confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness correspondingly.

Meditation is an agent that assists us with negotiating, inventing, and reconciling with the soul and self. The practices guide one to focus, promoting self-awareness, which ultimately is essential to discover self and soul.

Learning to focus helps us to cope with the emotional responses we face each day. We develop the ability to apply negative and positive energies for balance. The goal of yoga is to toil from start and toward the finish without concluding our action. One must prolong yoga practices to achieve and preserve absolute control of self and awareness.

The problem is many people find it difficult to meditate on a regular schedule. We must work through the tribulations in order to attain our level of “Macrocosmic,” i.e. heightened consciousness. Yoga teaches us to set limitations and remove any limitations that encumber one from achieving full knowledge of self.

Yoga enhances our spirituality and vivacious insights. The goal of yoga is to advance toward greatness of the “Master of Tibetan,” i.e. Knowledge, by reshaping and reforming the psyche, attitude or posture, and breathing.

Yoga will gradually help you learn to liberate the mind from karma, rebirth and help you become conscious of the lucid light. (Clear Light)

The “Clear Light” defines the Moon, Sun, Fire, Gem, and are all natural sources that we must connect with to discover self and soul.

When one moves to the “Clear Light,” he can begin to relate to family members of the light, as well as the lights that shine on the darkness, and come to a reborn-state, i.e. a natural state.

Upon reaching the reborn-state, the entity will feel rejuvenated, ultimately leading to recreation of order that moves one to effectiveness, modern, and rekindled spirituality.

The eventual goal is to achieve heightened knowledge of one’s Supreme Consciousness. Upon reaching this height, one will become fully aware of nature, environment, people, etc. Good health is predicted, because the entity gains power and control over the conscious mind that includes the emotions.