Self Acupuncture

Mention acupuncture and people tend to get images of an ancient Chinese man with a long, white beard and needles. The practice of self acupuncture puts this to rest.

Self Acupuncture

When the idea of writing on the subject of self acupuncture was first considered, it created a feeling of outrage. It would appear that the idea that self acupuncture was possible seemed as idiotic and dangerous as offering a guide to self-brain surgery. It seemed to insult the entire idea of Traditional Chinese Medicine and lump it into a classification with other New Age self help treatments. The theories that provide the foundation for acupuncture are grounded in centuries of experimentation, study, and philosophical contemplation. To think that you could go to Wal-Mart and buy a copy of “Acupuncture for Dummies” was insulting.

This is not really wrong either. Acupuncture is not something that can be done by someone who does not have a great deal of training. On the other hand, it is not really a dangerous thing. If the needles used are at least sterile, and the insertion points are clean, there is not a lot of harm that can be done by an amateur. There is not a lot of good that can be done either.

There is a legitimate form of self acupuncture, however. It was developed a few years ago by a Dr. Zu De Ye while he was at the University of Arizona. It has since spread and is being offered in clinics in several countries. It is founded on a theory known as the “fractal theory.” This theory was developed using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but taking some of them a step further. To understand exactly how it works, one must be able to accept the concept that the Universe is made up of parts that are microcosms of the whole.

For example, the human body is a microcosm of the Universe itself. The forces that are at play in the Universe are also at play inside the human body. When the human body is out of harmony with this cosmic oneness, illness occurs. When the body is in harmony, wellness occurs. The fractal theory takes this a step further. Parts of the body can also represent the whole. This idea is behind such things as ear acupuncture where the ear is seen as representing a human form curled into a fetal position. It also appears in Korean Hand acupuncture where all of the points and Meridians of the body are located in the hand.

The fully developed fractal theory has led to the discovery of certain points on the human body that are actually microcosms of entire organ systems. Results can be obtained by stimulation of these points with very small needles. It involves only one needle placed in certain very specific and easily located key points on the body. Dr. Ye’s treatment regime has allowed patients to practice this form of self acupuncture. The needles are small, and the points in safe locations, so the danger is minimal. The advantages of self acupuncture is that no practitioner is needed for the treatments and time and money are saved. Although much more research needs to be done here, there is some indication that the self acupuncture following principles of fractal theory might one day become another tool in the healer’s arsenal.