Selecting The Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

Kings in the 15th century wore diamonds in order to symbolize courage, invincibility and strength. But as time passed by, diamonds became popular as the symbol of love and admiration. It is said that the arrows of cupid were also tipped with diamonds and the magic could not be compared with anything else. Even today this gemstone is associated with legend and romance. When it comes to weddings, diamond rings are very much in demand because they not only look beautiful, but classic as well. It is very important that you choose the right diamond wedding ring.

There is a wide variety of cuts, shape and colors available and if you want to pick the right one for your partner then you will have to keep a few things in mind. Since a wedding ring will be worn for many years, choose a style that is timeless yet classic. Always keep in mind that a wedding ring is a sign of your love and feelings for your partner so try and buy something that is beautiful, durable and unique. The design should compliment the look and personality of your partner, but at the end of the day whichever design you choose, the diamond will be the main attraction in it. So choosing the right wedding ring has got a lot to do with the right diamond.

Diamond characteristics:

There is a lot of variation in the quality and price in diamonds. The size is not the only factor that decides the price of this gem. There are five characteristics that determine the price of a diamond:

Weight in carats
Shape of the diamond

The weight of your diamond wedding ring:

Many people are of the view that the more carat the better. Diamonds that are large in size are considered to rare and of more value. However, if your budget does not allow you to buy a large diamond then it is better to look at other options because you will find beauty and charm in a small diamond also.

Color of the diamond:

Even though you will mostly find clear or colorless white diamonds, other color variations are also available in the market. There are some stones that give a SOILED look. The cost of clear stones is more. Letters indicate the color of your diamond. D stands for the color of the rarest diamonds, totally colorless. This is considered to be on top of the color grade and you will hardly find such stones at an ordinary jewelry shop. Next is the E grade which is also called colorless. F is another grade that is less clear than E and most affordable in an engagement or wedding ring. Even G and H have a good market value.

Diamond clarity:

Clarity and color of a diamond are related. There is no diamond that is absolutely clear and the ones that are close to perfect, cost a bomb. When light passes through such diamonds, they look exceptionally beautiful.

Cut of a diamond:

The cut can affect the look of your wedding ring. The proportion of the diamond is the cut and it needs to be good in order to make the jewelry look stunning.

Diamond shape:

Round and the princess shape is the most popular diamond shape, but other varieties are also available. No matter which shape you buy make sure that it reflects a lot of love.