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5 Essential Factors When Selecting Commercial Finance Providers 

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Are you interested in taking out a big loan? The average price of Australian houses is about AUD550,000, according to Budget Direct. Whether you need to borrow tens of thousands or millions of dollars, it’s important to find a lender that offers high flexibility to help you purchase a house, auto, or jewellery. That includes considering different features when picking commercial finance providers, including these:


Whether it’s for the first mortgage or succeeding ones, home loans are easily one of the biggest investments that people make during their lives. Even if you don’t plan to spend AUD100 million for one of Australia’s most expensive residences, you’ll likely take out a mortgage to buy your dream home.

In some cases, homeowners secure a second loan through mortgage refinancing. This borrows against the equity in your home. People take out second mortgages for different reasons, including home improvements, medical emergencies, and simply getting a better deal.

Besides mortgages, auto loans are another common type of popular commercial loan. While home loans are more common, many Australians still have car payments. In 2016, over 7% of Australians were repaying car loans, while nearly one-third were making mortgage payments.


The amount you need to borrow will be based on different factors. For example, while you can buy a new sedan for about AUD20,000, many people will need to take out an auto loan since the price tag is much higher than other consumer goods like mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the loan amount of a commercial loan could be lower or higher based on the purpose. For example, the cost of other items like small home improvements or home appliances would be lower than an auto loan. On the other hand, home loans would require a much bigger loan.

What’s most important is that a lender offers flexibility about the lending amount.


The loan term is another important factor when taking out a commercial loan. For example, some commercial lenders offer loan terms of up to two years. A longer term can provide benefits like lower payments, but you’ll also have to deal with higher interest rates.

This is an important factor to take up when picking a commercial lender. Always make sure to do the calculations to determine which loan term provides the best option based on your financial situation.


When considering loan terms, it’s important to review all fees and charges. The reason is these can add up quickly and increase the loan’s total cost. This includes various types of fees like establishment fees.

If you have any inquiries about possible fees and charges, it’s important to ask a lending company to provide details about issues like fees. Then you’ll have all the information you need to pick the best loan for your needs.

Approval/Settlement Speed

A major issue is how fast a lending company completes these processes. In some cases, the borrower needs to secure a loan as soon as possible, so fast approval and settlement are highly critical.

One factor to consider is the approval of commercial loans will generally take longer than short-term loans, for example. However, this is to be expected due to the higher loan amount.

When selecting commercial finance providers, there are several factors you should consider. They include the loan’s interest rate, term, fees, and so on. These issues are also important based on the loan type you’re securing, whether you’re buying a new car, house, or yacht.

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