Selecting A Bass Fishing Rod

After reading this article you will be able to learn the basics of what to look for in a top notch bass fishing rod so stay tuned. However, choosing a quality rod for bass fishing can be a tricky thing to do but it can also be quite enjoyable. The first step you will have to accomplish is to think of the reel you will use as well as the lures you prefer utilizing.

After deciding on these two components, you now need to focus upon price, strength and sensitivity. We strongly recommend that you take the reel when you are out looking for a new rod because only this way you can decide if the combination rod/reel is properly balanced and you feel if it is comfortable or not. Logically, you will need to make up your mind regarding the spinning rod or the bait casting. After that, take into account the lures you use (crank baits, plastics, jigs spinner baits) or if you prefer mixing them up. A multi-purpose rod is available and in most cases is a decent solution with the current choices available but you have to keep in mind that it will never excel when you will be using a specific technique.

For first time bass fishing amateurs, we strongly recommend this type of rod as it offers the most balanced compromise but if you are not a beginner, choose something that will suit your needs. In most cases, a rod can be used with hard baits like crank baits for example which will require a softer rod tip and significantly less sensitivity. The reason for all of this is that there will be considerably less pressure on the rod in achieving the hook set. If you prefer using lures such as worms, jigs or plastics such as senkos, you will need to use a rod with stiffer tip and improved sensitivity because the hook set is abrupt and you will need to be aware when the fish is “taking the bait”.

You also need to consider to the power as well as the action of the rod. A medium to heavy power rod with fast action might be exactly what you need for your fishing style. The rod’s power rating will give you the needed information as to the exact stiffness of the rod along with info about where the action of the rod describes the curvature. The faster the action is on the rod, the more it will bend closer to the tip. On the opposite side, the slower the action is, the bend will be closer to the middle of the rod.

As a matter of fact, you will actually use more of the rod in casting with a slower action rating, but you must balance this with the lures you prefer using for catching bass. As far as the prices are concerned, do not go with one of the extreme, with other words do not buy the expensive rod you find and also do not get the cheapest one, something in between will do just fine.