Sedu Hairstyle Tips – 4 Powerful Steps For A Great Look

Almost everyone wants to be like the “rich and famous”. Most folks aren’t able to have the same homes, cars, or clothes, but a celebrity hairstyle is certainly within anyone’s reach! Your basic Sedu Hairstyle Tips will show you a easy way to add glamour to a special occasion or perk up a tired image. Unfortunately, many hairstyles require expensive supplies and trained assistance, so it’s difficult to achieve that certain look of royalty figures and A-listers. However, there is one way that the average Joe or Jane can capture the modern allure of the slinky, glossy hair modeled by today’s celebrities. Sedu hairstyles were fist made famous by Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez.

Step 1. Prepare hair…Moisturizing shampoo should be applied to dry hair; volatizing shampoo should be used on fine hair; anti-frizz shampoo should be used on uncontrollable hair, and color enhanced products for dyed or highlighted hair. No matter the hair grade all should use a wide grooved comb and conditioner to control tangling.

Step 2. Dry hair…The hair should be thoroughly air or towel-dried, since straightening damp hair actually “fries” it, making it appear dry and frizzy. A Sedu or similar Shine Heat Protector can be used to protect the hair and increase its glossiness and controllability. Finishing touch products like oils and gels must not be used prior to flat iron use. Professional Styling Iron Cleaner will remove any accidental applications of gel or oils that may get burnt onto the styling iron.)

Step 3. Determine Iron Temperature… Most flat irons warm in just 25 seconds Sedu Flat Irons also warm within the same range, after which time the user can adjust the temperature control that best suits their hair type: Fragile/Damaged Hair:

250°F – 300°F, Thin Hair: 300°F – 340°F, Normal Hair: 340°F – 360°F, Wavy Hair: 360°F – 390°F, Thick/Coarse Hair: 400°F – 410°F

Step 4. Style hair…Divide and clip the hair into 5 to 7 sections. Distance between the iron plates is important a 1″ – 2″ gap should be sufficient; the handles should be squeezed, and the iron slid downward from the hair roots to the ends without stopping. (The above temperature guidelines offer necessary heat for hair to be flattened after just a single swipe down its length.). If you desire softer, longer curls twist your wrist and wind the hair around the iron or flip it out by bending the wrist. After the bottom sections are done, this process is repeated in the other upper sections until all of the hair is finished. The Sedu irons’ use ceramic plates that won’t pull or damage hair.

One last Sedu hairstyle tip is to go slowly. The smooth and steady use of any flat iron will insure that the style holds for a long time, even without any finishing spray.

For best results Sedu hairstyling tips suggest choosing a ceramic flat iron that is balanced and as lightweight as possible. Most are available in 1″ and 1 ½” widths, with surge-protected 9 foot cords, and scratch resistant plates. Flat Iron products are offered in professional beauty supply stores and salons in 24 states, Canada, South America, and the UK. One year warranties are standard in the industry and are accepted if purchased from US locations. Because of Sedu styling techniques used throughout today’s hair industry, some of the most beautiful faces in the media are known worldwide for their lovely hair and fascinating hair styles.