Security Cameras Are Being Used Discreetly on armored trucks

Recently, companies that are moving large amounts of currency are now installing security cameras on the trucks that have long distances to travel. However, these security cameras are so small they cannot be seen outwardly. You would literally have to be looking for these security cameras and even then you could have a problem finding them.

Major companies are not willing to take the risk of anything happening to these trucks. Considering they all carry large amounts of currency. Some of the trucks have additional security cameras installed on the outside of the truck as well.

The trucks that leave places such as banks or financial institutions are literally monitored by technicians in a remote location. These trucks are also monitored when leaving places such as casinos and other establishments where currency is transferred in large amounts. Furthermore, the drivers of the trucks have no idea where the security cameras are actually located either. Different numbered trucks have the security cameras positioned in different areas.

This is a safety precaution for the drivers as well as the cargo they are carrying. The technicians monitor the trucks until they reach their destination. People rarely have any idea these security cameras are even on these armored trucks. However, that is the whole idea. These security cameras also have tracking capabilities should the armored truck stray from its route. The security cameras also have recording capabilities as well. Drivers of the armored trucks do know that the security cameras are on the armored trucks, however they are not told where.

The installation for these security cameras is primarily easy. Just as removal of these security cameras is easy as well. The reason for this is so the security cameras can be continually moved around to different areas on the armored truck.

Some computer trucking companies are taking advantage of these remote security cameras also, the only real issue is the cost of having the technicians available to monitor the security cameras as they move from one destination to another. Though so consider the cost well worth it when the cargo they carry is costly should something happen. It basically depends on the individual company.

However. With these new security camera systems on board the armored trucks, the companies truly believe it will fend off those who are intending to attempt any kind of theft or robbery. Most times the attempt causes loss of life and the one trying to rob the truck is harmed. If they can see the security cameras on the outside of the truck, not to mention on the inside of the truck, they may stay away. This is what armored truck companies are hoping.

They carry large amounts of currency and with the aid of on board security cameras they know the attempts as well as actual robberies will inevitably go down. Hopefully these companies will not be the targets they used to be in times past, as different acts of violence, and the crime rate has gone up so much in the past few years.