Securing The Best Jobs In Banking

Many graduates and young workers in the United Kingdom are eager to enter the banking industry. No one can decry this enthusiasm, as there are very lucrative positions with major banks throughout the country. However, banking professionals who have been in the industry for years would attest to the highly competitive nature of the job market at present. After all, thousands of graduates are competing with local and international professionals for jobs as advisors, bankers, and stock traders. Graduates and those just getting into the banking profession must accordingly familiarise themselves with the methods best attuned to securing their dream job.

The first tool that must be used to secure a quality banking job in the UK is the CV. A CV is not just a list of experiences and accomplishments; it is a calling-card promoting a young professional within the world of banking. As such, several actions should be taken to create a quality CV for banking positions. Applicants need to include a short statement of goals at the top of their CV, which usually explains in one sentence why they are applying and in another sentence outlines their professional goals. Descriptions of academic and professional experiences should be kept concise in order to save the weary eyes of a hiring manager. Finally, a bank professional’s CV should include references in order to save time and trouble for the prospective employer.

In addition to the CV, a person seeking a role as a banker should be active in networking within the industry. Conferences on banking issues, as well as open houses and public events, are usually available to any banking professional who wishes to attend. In addition to practical tips and education, these events offer an opportunity to network and create connections with major banking companies. These connections may also be vital to paving the way toward a successful entry-level position in banking.

Fundamental to securing a great job in banking, is making the correct impression during interview. Young professionals often think that they have to make just the right noises in order to impress interviewers. However, many banking professionals say that what they usually look for is an honest and forthright person with the right skills. After all, customers and clients need a genuine representative to handle their money. Banking professionals should dress immaculately for interview, as appearance is important in lending legitimacy to a candidate. In addition, banking applicants need to answer every question honestly, and without having concern that what they are saying is the “wrong” answer. In the end, a bank is more willing to hire someone with the right talent and demeanour rather than someone who will only give fabricated answers.