Secrets to Attract Men – Great Attraction Techniques to Spellbind Men

If you think certain women have all the luck in the world because of their good looks, think again. Dating divas, no matter how they look, can charm any men because they know the secrets to attract men. Want to know how they do it? Read the useful methods below and know the secrets to attract men, so you can mesmerize them into falling for you.

Love your beauty. Acknowledge that you are beautiful. You may not look like the models in fashion magazines or TV commercials, but rest assured that those models would not actually look like that without makeup and a lot of work. And though men may fancy the idea of dating a supermodel, real, touchable beauty is a hit with them anytime.

So in style, emphasize your assets and hide your flaws. Or, you can work on your flaws but don’t get so fixated on them that you forget that you are already beautiful. Remember, beauty is also an attitude. Women who believe they are beautiful are attractive to men.

Be in the know, but not a know-it-all. Don’t be afraid to show your intelligence. Mature, confident men like smart women. If he’s threatened by your intelligence, then you have to ask yourself if you really want to go out with a man like him.

Be careful, though, that you don’t come across as a know-it-all. A witty remark or a brief comment about current events here and there is fine; but talking this way for the entire or almost the entire conversation is in bad taste. Acting this way won’t draw men in at all.

Be fascinated. When you get the chance to talk to a guy you like, show your fascination. Ask him questions. Listen to him talk. Acknowledge and show that you’re interested in what he’s saying. Subtly mirror his tone of voice and body language. A fascinated woman fascinates a man. This is one of the best-kept secrets to attract men.

Be careful, though, not to appear overeager. And make sure that the conversation is not only about him. Let him know something about you as well to pique his interest.

Touch. Touch him subtly and naturally – on the shoulder, arm, etc. A single touch can kindle sparks. A light, “unconscious’ touch on the man’s knee is particularly sensual and can stir his imagination.

Keep an air of mystery. While you may share things about yourself, don’t tell all or don’t tell too much. Leave some of your statements open-ended and let him wonder. Make him eager to learn more about you. Men are always pulled in by a little mystery.

With these secrets to attract men, you will find that attracting men is not as hard as you may think.