Secrets of the Nurse Healers

Before Nurses can reveal their healing secrets, they must acknowledge 10 things:

1. that they are healers

We are attracted to nursing in our inner most being because we have the gift of healing. So why do most of us deny our innate healing abilities? The answer to this lies in exploring the belief system we were taught as children:

>the “I’m not good enough” syndrome

>comparing yourself with other people in your life

>not owning your personal power

>fear of exploring new ideas, new lifestyles

>allowing judgment of others to supercede compassion for another person’s situation

In order to fully allow healing abilities to flourish, we need to:

>live in the present moment-one way to do this is by learning to breathe diaphramatically from breath to breath

>don’t get overwelmed by the busyness of your life

>appreciate everything that is happening NOW, no matter if it seems “bad” or if you’ve labeled it a mistake

>that mistakes are a perception, not a reality

>believing in mistakes is a self-imposed prison

>by viewing mistakes as a stepping stone to enlightenment, you nurture your healing abilities and patients want you to be their nurse

2. that they were drawn to the profession because of their healing abilities

Before choosing nursing as a life-long love, I sought out healing experiences (like soaking in mineral springs, laughing, exercise, lying on of hands), books about healing, healing peopleĀ–-you know, the kind of people who make you feel wonderful in their presence! This interest in healing led to the eventual choice of going to nursing school. Many of us are not aware of our deep seeded healing abilities. We may think that the science of medicine drew us to the profession in the beginning. But if the art and science of medicine do not merge and inform our everyday practice, then we create two dimensional experiences in our daily patient/nurse interactions. The art and science of medicine is a balancing act, one worth the juggling precision. Blending this with the intention to be a healing presence for everyone we meet today will allow our innate healing abilities to flourish and prosper!

3. that nursing offers a gigantic opportunity to heal many, many times over the course of one 8 to 12 to 16 hour shift

“The important thing is not to think much but to love much; and so do that which best stirs your love.

Saint Teresa of Avila “Anterior Castle”

The healing experience need not be confined to our time spent doing nursing duties. We must restore ourselves by self-healing modalities.

< time spent alone < daily walking to restore inner reservoirs of creativity < learning to meditate, making it a daily discipline < exercise, drinks lots of water, sleep well (the lost art) < record your dreams < seek balance in all things < listen to those inner urgings that propel you in new directions 4. that nurses are angelic partners to bring about healing Nurses, in order to be an angelic partner, we must first acknowledge that angels wait behind the scenes, waiting for the nod from us that YES! Please come and help me NOW!! 5. that angels can be called to help whenever the nurse remembers to call Sometimes remembering is the biggest obstacle to getting the help we need. 6. that angels will respond Ask and ye shall receive--every time. 7. that it's possible to recognize the angelic intervention, to acknowledge it and to join in the healing flow of the angelic help The magic of the intervention requires a "Thank You" from us-- without exception. 8. that nurses are angels The great healing potential of every nurse automatically places us all in the company of angels. 9. that patients want nurses to call on the angels to help One day, our patients will thank the angels because we remembered. 10. and that patients know something that nurses have forgotten: nurses are angels of mercy