Secret Formula For Massive Business Success Wtih Annie Jennings

Destiny Formula For Endless Energy, Income & Success

Massive success can be yours although success comes with its challenges. The challenge of discovering your own special destiny and contribution, and finding the essence of what drives you forward is central to success in all areas of life including business. As a national marketing, publicity and success expert, I, Annie Jennings, reveal my secrets to building a business that reflects the essence of who you are and reflects your unique contribution to this world.

You’ll begin your quest for massive success with a new business mission statement called a “DESTINY Statement” or your “DESTINY Formula For Success”. Your destiny formula for success is a statement of intent that reveals how you will express the talents of your inner self and what you will give to the world.

A destiny statement will reflect your personal values and the essence of who you are. If your life and business are aligned with the essence of who you are, you create the potential for each day to become a powerful stream of income for you. Work will seem like play, million dollar ideas will come to you and you will be living with eager anticipation of what the next day will bring.

How do we know what our essence really is? Essence is the source of an endless supply of energy and the fuel of your life. While performing in your essence you experience an endless supply of ideas, energy, excitement and passion. You are never bored as one exciting moment leads to the next.

Living within your destiny formula for success simply feels right. One major guideline for building your destiny formula for success is that you must rely on yourself for the ultimate feedback of what is true for you. Other people’s feedback, no matter how trusted of a friend or advisor they are to you, is only a reflection of their values and opinions, not yours. The whole idea of your destiny formula for success is that is about YOU. Rely only upon yourself for the final decision.

A destiny statement allows you to make the most difficult decisions with ease. This is because each choice has an outcome that either resonates with the essence of who you are or does not. Does the choice you are considering align with your destiny formula for success? Does it drive your mission forward? The choices that do not resonate with your essence, you do not make.

One of the major factors of success is learning how to follow your intuition in the absence of proof or certainty to a certain person, choice or decision to guide you. For example, let’s say you hire someone for your business but something does not feel right, something about them bothers you but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Let them go FAST. Do not question your intuition, just trust it and do it.

Discover the essence of who you are by noticing what drives you forward with endless energy and boundless enthusiasm and make your daily choices of activity accordingly. You will be taking the first step to creating your own destiny formula for success so you can experience endless energy, income and success!