Secret approach to healing the root cause

Recently had the opportunity to be reminded by a Natures Sunshine training of how simple it can be to heal at the root cause. Now, notice I said simple, not necessarily easy, those are two very different things.

That being said, simple CAN be easy if the determination and commitment to heal is strong enough. Do keep in mind that what I am sharing with you by no means is intended to replace your doctor or other appropriate health professional, it is intended as educational perspective to support you in your own health decisions.

There are some very basic and foundation principles to healing at the core. First of all natural healing is NOT about curing a disease. Natural healing IS about changing one’s lifestyle and restoring a healthy metabolic function, resulting in a change of how symptoms manifest.

In order for core healing of any ailment to occur, there are four clear steps to take. The simple acronym is the ABCD method to healing at a root level.

The A is ACTIVATE, and this particularly refers to stimulating the body’s vital energy field. In other words, creating a positive mental and emotional attitude. Starting with mental and emotional healing work, the remaining steps have a great foundation to build on. Think of this a as the foundation of a building, you build a nice strong base and the building will stand strong.

The B is BUILD, and this makes reference to putting good nutrition into the body. The environment is an essential key to establishing any healing work you implement. Therefore, you must use whole natural foods, avoid processed and refined foods. If you still aren’t convinced of how powerful the environment is I recommend you read The Biology Of Belief. Not sure where to get healthy raw foods, you may want to start with David Wolfe.

Moving on to the C for CLEANSING. This builds on the previous step, I particularly like what Tony Robbins said in one of his trainings, “That you can’t get rid of the rats if you don’t get rid of the polluted environment, you must first clean up the environment before you can get rid of the rats”. In our case it is getting rid of the toxins from the body. You may begin simple, like with a digestive cleanse with a quality cleanse like Clean Start or Tao He Cleanse. The idea is to eliminate toxins from the environment and do what you can to avoid chemicals and other harmful substances.

Now that you’ve taken care of the first three steps, now we can move into the D or DIRECT AID to the area that you are addressing. The direct aid refers to addressing specific health issues by strengthening body systems and balancing biological terrain. If you aren’t sure where to get started below you will find a few resources to help you make educated decisions.


* You can use a free health analyzer to help you determine where to get started. (Click on the resource links below to use this)
* Or you can use this Health Questionnaire to help you identify what body system could use most support first. (Again use the links below)
* Or click on the links below to view a list of historical uses of supplements and their benefits.
* Or get a health assessment with a technology to help you determine your specific needs

So remember, use the ABCD approach to support your healing at a core level. If you already have a sense of what you need but you are looking for a quality source, may I recommend . I have personally used their products for over 10 years now, and have gained great results from using them (as have others whom have used them).

I trust that since your focus is on healing at the core, you have taken the first and probably the most powerful step in healing, “your first step”. I trust these resources will support you in your healing journey.