Seasonal Sunroom Decoration

Decorating A Seasonal Sunroom
The walls are up, the roof’s on and the sunroom’s been declared officially open by the contractor or the do-it-yourselfer. But something’s still missing.

Furniture! That’s what.

Now’s the time to turn that empty shell of a sunroom into a spectacular getaway from everyday life. But for those who have chosen to go with a seasonal sunroom, some serious considerations need to be taken into decorating.

Whether there’s glass windows or simply screen, a sunroom that’s not rated for year-round use and includes some sort of climate control system, will need furniture that can withstand the elements. Although it’s not always the case that rain and snow will get inside a glass sunroom, moisture can and will be an issue if insulation and climate controls aren’t included. This obviously goes for a screened in sunroom, too, so specialized purchases should be made.

Before heading out to buy furniture and accessories for the sunroom, consider its purpose. Will this be a second “living room” where family and friends can gather at the end of a long day? Or, will it be for backyard barbecues and child’s play? This might dictate the style of furniture chosen, but don’t let it guide the materials.

Be certain to buy items that can handle a little exposure to the elements. Huge comfy couches with stuffed pillows might look great, but if moisture is a concern, they might not stand up longer than a season without gaining a yucky mildew smell. Be sure to buy items meant for indoor/outdoor use and you should be set.

Take care, too, with electrical items purchased for a seasonal sunroom. Don’t buy items that can be damaged by some moisture exposure and if security is a concern, be certain not to put too many valuables in plain sight. If this is really a concern, simplistic might be the route to go or even go ahead and consider some types of security measures.

A sunroom with a 52-inch television set mounted in a corner and only a screen door to protect it is almost an open invitation for a bad guy, so use common sense when decorating.

If the sunroom is to double as game room as well, make purchases in a similar vein. A pool table with a slate top might be smarter than one with felt and so on.

No matter the purpose the room is for decorate according to your tastes and have fun with the prospect. A sunroom is meant to be fun, inviting and help a homeowner bring the outdoors in. Don’t feel restricted to any single design style – it’s your room, enjoy it! Just be certain to protect your furnishing investment by choosing items that will stand up or at least are easy to store in the off seasons.