Searching for Free Song Lyrics

Or have you ever been the butt of many jokes because you thought Bob Dylan’s famous ‘The answer my friend is blowing in the wind’ was really ‘ The ants, my friend, are in a bowling pin’?

You are not alone there. Twisting of lyrics has been around ever since songs have been sung. It can be a source of great entertainment to some as well as a source of embarrassment to others. But help is at hand. If you do a search for free song lyrics on the Internet, that bottomless pit of information, you are sure to find the lyrics of the song that you are looking for.

Mondegreen and the art of lyric twisting
Everybody has at some time or the other resorted to improvising song lyrics when they’ve forgotten the real words of the song. Sometimes song lyrics are twisted on purpose for entertainment value and sometimes they are a result of a genuine misinterpretation. This malapropism has even earned its own name- Mondegreen, after Sylvia Wright, an American writer mistook the words of a 17th century ballad, the Bonnie of Earl O’Murray. She misheard ‘And laid him on the green’ as ‘And Lady Mondegreen’. So the story goes.

Struggling to remember song lyrics?
Struggling to remember or even decipher song lyrics is a thing of the past. A free song lyrics search on the Internet would turn up a mind-boggling number of sites offering you huge databases of songs to choose from. It’s lyrical candy heaven out there. Free song lyrics have for a long time been among the top ten searches done through some of the major search engines.

You could conduct a search for the lyrics of just about any song that has ever been sung by just about any artist or group. There are many different efficient and timesaving ways to get the exact information you want regarding free song lyrics on the Internet.
You could search for lyrics by album or song or artist depending on the information you have on hand.

* If you are looking for a particular free song lyric, just type in the title of the song and you will get to different links that have your song stored in their database.
* Say you want to sing a romantic song to your bride on your wedding day. You could check the Subject Index within a site and choose a love song lyric that you love most. Other categories may include Christmas songs, lullabies or action songs for little kids.
* You could also do a search by album name or the name of the artist or group.

Don’t know the name of the song?
Could be you’ve heard a hauntingly melodious song or maybe some funky hip-hop sung at a nightclub, but never did get down to finding out the name of the song. Though a few of the words are indelibly ingrained in your memory, nobody else seems to know the name or the words of the song. Do a song lyric search on the Internet and type in the few words you do know. It works like magic. You can find free song lyrics for just about any song in any language even if you know just a few words of the song.

Are you looking for free song lyrics to a song that goes something like… “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our mind”? Do a song lyric search with just the few words that you know and you will find that the song title is Redemption song and it was sung by Bob Marley. What’s more you can get the full lyrics of the song and some sites even give you the notes so you can get the tune right too.

No more thinking U2 was singing “And I can see those spider veins….” when he was in fact belting out, “I can see those fighter planes” in his all-time famous song ‘Bullet and the Blue Sky”. And no more ‘Only Baloney’ while singing Roy Orbinson’s classic, ‘Only the lonely’.