Scrapbooking Tips

Similar to a magazine or newspaper layout, a scrapbook tells a story using the photos, words, and other elements. Creating a good, well thought out design will help ensure your story is told well. The layout you choose is very important, and should have a cohesive theme you can adhere to. Of course whether a scrapbook is designed well is subjective, and should reflect your personal touch and how much effort you want to put into it. It really comes down to personal preference.

Here’s some scrapbooking tips to consider:

  • Mock up your layout ahead of time without attaching anything. Experiment with different layout ideas. If possible, look at other people’s scrapbooks for ideas.
  • Don’t overload your page with photos, leave plenty of room for other elements
  • Use plenty of journal entries to explain the photos, and any meaning and feelings behind them. Don’t be afraid to describe your emotions, it will mean a lot later to yourself and others.
  • Incorporate drawings where appropriate. This is especially fun for kids to participate.
  • Have a good supply of embellishments at hand such as stickers, but also seek out theme based items you can use when appropriate.
  • Save clippings from trips and special events, this can be ticket stubs, brochures, newspaper articles, and handouts such as a wedding announcement. This make take some practice to get used to watching for and saving unique items.
  • While scrapbook pages about vacations and special events are obvious things to do, don’t overlook pages about favorite hobbies. It doesn’t need to be just a traditional type of hobby, but could be a favorite sport, or outdoor activity such as mountain climbing, snowboarding, or scuba diving. Try to find special memorabilia to attach which is related to that theme.
  • Do you like to write poetry? A scrapbook is a great place to include short poetry which relates to the theme, and say things which may be otherwise hard to communicate.

Hopefully you have picked up a few good tips on scrapbooking, and will create scrapbooks that your entire family and future generations will enjoy and value greatly. For more tips, one of the better scrapbooking blogs can be found here