Scrapbooking for Men

Can scrapbooking appeal to men? Or is it more of a hobby for girl? Scrapbooking may actually have more appeal for men than other “crafty” type of endeavors. A man doesn’t have to use more feminine things such as heart shaped stickers and flowers, but can use anything he chooses. So long as he can tell a story in the scrapbook, it matters little what is used. A man should have similar interests in preserving their memories, and documenting their thoughts about the many special events in their lives. While a man may not keep a journal, he may be able to do brief journal entries in scrapbook form.

There is nothing feminine about doing scrapbook pages on a man’s hobby. How about things such as hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, home projects, or even sports activities? These are all valid themes for scrapbook pages. What better way to preserve such cherished memories? Traditional photo albums often lack any journal entries or themes which makes it easier and more fun to look at later, especially for future generations that might view the photos. Additions of things such as clippings can preserve special mementos that can mean a lot.

A good way for a man to get started is to simply try it on a single page, without any commitment to doing more. Make that page focused on a theme of great interest to him, and identify a collection of good photos to choose from. If you’re trying to introduce a man to scrapbooking, help him out by having all the needed materials at hand, to make it easy. Before you know it, he may take an interest in doing more. Or at minimum he may better appreciate them, and perhaps work side by side with his significant other in creating them together. By thinking of a scrapbook as a “photo album on steroids”, we can avoid scrapbooking as being seen as something only for girls.