Scrapbook Use Of Photos

The advantage black and white photos have over color is that black and white photos use pigment-based inks and color usually use dye-based. The pigment-based and longer lasting.

There are steps you can take to keep your photos in the best possible condition. If you need to sort them and they are stored in various places throughout your home buy a box for storing them. Shoe box size is ideal. Test it with a pen to be sure it is acid and lignin free. To be certain you could buy a photo case for them from a photos shop. Cut cardboard dividers the same size as the width of the box. You may want to organize them chronologically.

Avoid tearing and bending your old photos by ensuring you do not overstuff the box. Don’t tear or fold them as this will break down the emulsion of their surface.

Don’t cut old photos. Scan and make copies and then you can crop to your heart’s content. Keep the originals intact though. Be sure as well that old photos are not facing each other as this can cause them to stick together due to the emulsion of their surfaces.. If possible, place archival paper between them.

If possible, keep negatives in a large safe deposit box. If you donft want to do that at least keep them somewhere that is safe. They are very valuable and should be treated with the utmost respect.

By doing this the photos will be ready for you to scrapbook them and looking at photos should suggest ideas for how you want to arrange them in the scrapbooks. Jotting down ideas in a notebook is a great way to start.

The important thing is to store them in a manner that will keep them in the best possible condition if you don’t get around to scrapbooking for a while. You need to avoid exposing them to light, humidity and heat. All these elements are detrimental to photos over the long term. Avoid basements, attics and garages for storage. Sunlight is not a good thing to expose photos to so be sure they are in shade at all times.

To take great photos that you’ll love to have in your scrapbook follow the methods that have been shown to have the best effect.

1. Capture what is different and unique about each subject in a photo.

2. The natural light from the sun is the most flattering light for anyone being photographed.

3. For your setting outdoors use the background of nature.

4. Arrange people in unusual ways for the camera to create interest.

5. Showing the beliefs and faith of family members is a good idea to include in photos of their lives.

6. Be sure to include photos in each season for the scrapbook.

Get inspiration from scrapbook magazines for unusual and interesting layouts. Sticking with the photo album layout is not necessary.

The great thing about using spacing is that it gives the photos exposure and gets the individual attention for each photo. To have too many photos on the page lessens the impact. Try adding embellishments to give extra appeal.