Say ‘O’ For Baltimore Orioles Tickets!

Baltimore Orioles tickets are some of the hottest major league baseball tickets available today. No wonder, since the Orioles have certainly had their share of league titles in the past. Not only are the Orioles one of the oldest teams, but they also have a rich history and have given the world of baseball some really great classic players.

The Orioles are perhaps best known for their golden years in the seventies and eighties but they are still a strong team to contend with today. Though the cynics might say the Orioles aren’t what they used to be, they are certainly a team that can give stiff competition to their opponents. There’s a reason why Baltimore Orioles tickets are still in such great demand.

A Rich Beginning

The modern day Baltimore Orioles were initially known as the Milwaukee Brewers, back in 1894. In 1902, the team was shifted to St. Louis where they also got a new name, the St. Louis Browns. The Browns had what many consider a dream run, establishing themselves as one of the strongest baseball teams at that time. However the team was relocated to Baltimore in 1954, after which the team unceremoniously landed at the very bottom of the barrel.

While the Browns left behind a legacy, it was up to the new Baltimore Orioles to make a name for them selves. They certainly had a legacy to live up to however and from 1966 to 1983, the Orioles managed to rake in three World Series Titles, American League Eastern Division titles and six American League pennants. Baltimore Orioles tickets were seen as winning tickets to enjoy one of the strongest teams in the major leagues. However this trend would take a downward turn by the end of the nineties which was alternately blamed on bad management and lackluster performances on the field. Things hit rock bottom in 2005, after which huge changes were made to shake up the team and bring it back into form. Despite this slump, the public has still supported the Orioles and Baltimore Orioles tickets were still sought after. In fact, in 2006 the fans launched a ‘Free The Birds’ campaign against the team’s ownership, which they felt was affecting the team¬ís performance.

The Famous ‘O’

The famous battle cry for the Baltimore Orioles has always been the ‘O’, which is accented when the Star Spangled Banner is sung. This is done to highlight the Baltimore accent in pronouncing ‘O’ but in recent times it has become almost non-existent at games, mainly due to recent patriotic concerns. The Orioles also have used a number of famous songs during play, the most popular being John Denver’s ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’. In recent times, the team has also used ‘Elevation’ by U2.

One of the reasons why Baltimore Orioles tickets are so popular is because fans get a chance to see some world class baseball players at their best. The Orioles have a number of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, including names like Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray and Cal Ripkin. Jr.
If you’re looking to take in some Orioles action, make sure you get your Baltimore Orioles tickets online through an authorized ticket vendor.