Say It In Style on Valentine’s Day

Romance is the cup of tea, red roses are shining brighter, love birds are whistling around and exciting you to propose your beloved in this Valentine’s season. Are you prepared to propose your Valentine as beautifully as possible on this Valentine’s Day? Well if not, then here comes some tips for you to propose your date in an unforgettable way that both of you will find yourselves the true partners fore ever and ever. Proposing your beloved on Valentine’s Day adds color to your proposal because this is traditionally the ideal time to express your true feelings in front of the person you admire the most.

In case of proposing your partner three things can happen:
i)you have proposed your partner long time back and either he or she is your life partner or would be life partner,
ii)you have proposed to him or her but have not received any reply yet. So you are in a juxtaposition. Both positive and negative responses may occur,
iii)you are in deep love with a girl but have not been able yet to propose her.

While proposing your Valentine some basic preparations should be kept in mind. These are:
First choose the perfect venue that your partner will like the most.
If you are going out for dinner then book your tables in the restaurant before hand other wise you may not be able to manage any apt seat because of rush.
Choose the perfect wardrobe as per his or her choice.
Never reach late to the venue of the date.
Impress him or her as beautifully and naturally as possible. But do not show your intention to impress your partner unnecessarily.
Buy a nice gift for your beloved. Girls like to receive ornaments, jewelery, red roses, soft toys. Add a Valentine’s Day greetings card with your gift.
If your beloved does not like gifts then give her a memorable treat. A well decorated and a delicious cake and soft drinks could be a good pick.
Do not propose at the very beginning of the date. Do not behave rude. Keep your nerves cool and calm. Do not mingle in any hassle.
Keep your vehicles ready to reach at the venue at the right time.

After theses preparations now it is time to express your love to your beloved. You can simply ask him/ her whether he/she shares any special feelings for you. If you get positive response then only go to the next question. Ask your date how serious he/ she could be to imagine a life with you. If he/ she is “the one” then the reply will be surely positive. Then no one is holding you back dear. Propose him / her the way they want. There are few ways to move forward:
You can follow the traditional way of putting a ring inside the glass of his/ her drink.
You can simply take him or her hand in yours and say the holiest words.
You can bent your head down or stand upon your knees and express your feelings in a knightly fashioned proposal.
You can give him/ her some hints and take your partner to the corner and gently whisper it into him/ her ears. This is for those people who feel really shy to propose their beloved in front of everyone.
Presenting a love letter where your feelings are expressed is an old fashioned manner, but it works when your partner shares a traditional and cultural bent of mind.
For those who are too shy, they can simply give their partners some hints. If your partner wishes to be with you for ever he/ she will definitely reply back with a positive hint.

Its up to you and your beloved how he/ she will respond or adhere to your expression. If your date is truly the light of your life then this Valentine’s Day keep these points in mind and go ahead darling. No one can stop you from getting the love you wanna have. So on your mark, get set go.