Saving Our Furry Friends Through Pet Adoptions

Did you know that in pet adoptions centers, animals have an expiration date? The staff of animal shelters put animals to sleep after a specified duration of time, if they don’t get adopted. We really can’t blame the shelters for this; it is a legal though upsetting procedure they have to carry out.

There are a few reasons why animals must be put to sleep when no one adopts them:

* One of the most common problems in animal shelters is the lack of space. Stray or abandoned animals are sheltered for a specific number of days before they can be put into adoption program or, sadly, put to sleep. This gives the owners of the animals ample time to find and reclaim their furry friends. Remember that during the holding period of an animal, newer ones are continually being brought to the animal shelter.

* Not all of the animals brought to animal shelters are in good health and adoptable condition. Sometimes an animal is brought in that’s unwell and mentally unstable. Should the animal shelter’s staff deem the animal cannot be helped or adopted, it is put to sleep right away.

* In some cases, an animal that has been in the animal shelter for too long may exhibit signs of stress. Behaviors such as agitation, anxiety, depression and aggression begin to show up, which is not typical for the animal. In the long run, if the animal does not get adopted, it becomes so mentally unsound that the staff of the animal shelter has to put it to sleep.

The pros of adopting from shelters

The best way to prevent these animals in shelters from being put to sleep is by adopting them. Whether you are planning to own a dog, cat, ferrets or any other animal, you are not only saving their lives but you are also getting a loyal companion for yourself.

What makes adopting an animal from an animal shelter is that you know what you will be taking home with you. Our furry friends in animal shelters have been examined by veterinarians. This means that the animal you’ll be getting is up to date with its shots, and its medical condition is properly looked over. Animal shelters may sometimes charge a fee for adoption, but still it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new one from pet stores, or compared to the service they had provided for the animal.

Taking your time in picking one

Be sure to take your time looking around and choose the healthiest animal you can find in an animal shelter. Look for one with ears and nose that are clean and free of mucous. The eyes should be bright and clear. Carefully inspect its coat and skin; look carefully for signs sores, bald spots or skin diseases. Also check the way they walk – they should not be limping, which gives away skeletal problems such as deformities and fractures.

Adopting an animal from pet adoptions centers means you are willing to bestow time and dedication in taking care of a furry friend. Remember that you will have other expenses besides the adoption charge itself. But all these are a small price to pay for saving the life of an animal and earning a loyal companion for the rest of its natural life.