Save Thousands With This Info On Capital Equipment Leasing Companies In Canada . Lease Financing Tips!

The lay of the land. Kind of important in any aspect of business, wouldn’t you say? There a tremendous amount going on in Canadian capital equipment leasing today, so let’s examine who these companies are, where they are, and most importantly, what you need to know about them!

Surely we all agree there isn’t a more viable method of financing capital needs then equipment leasing in Canada. Stat’s show that over 80% of all companies at one time or another lease assets. So, no surprise that the industry today provides a huge amount of the capital in the financial industry when it comes to asset acquisition… your asset acquisition!

So whats all the fuss and excitement about ?We guess its the simple fact that almost any asset can be leased, and that includes software and cloud computing , right up to our traditional favorites : plant equpment, rolling stock, office equipment, medical equipment, and heavy construction equipment, affectionately known in the industry as ‘ yellow iron;.

So with all that goodness is there anything to be worried about when it comes to lease financing strategies and transactions for your firm? When we talk to clients it’s often simply that they can sometimes view the transaction as complicated, and find it tough slogging when it comes to credit approval, other financial considerations, and the time spent sometimes to complete a successful transaction.

And when that transaction is completed are you 100% sure it’s a good one, maximizing ALL of the benefits that equipment leasing companies offer?!

The reality we have always found is that you can save thousands of dollars, or lose thousands of dollars when entering into the best or worst, respectively, transaction.

So what are clients interested in when it comes to acquiring assets via equipment financing? We can generally lump those issues into areas such as tax and accounting implications, the choice of the best structure of the lease from lease type (there are 2 types) as well as proper terms, rates, amortizations, etc.

Many clients we’ve spoken also often fail to perform some very basic ‘ lease vs. buy’ analysis that points them in the direction of knowing that they made the right decision when it comes to buying or leasing .

And finally, what are the serious pitfalls when it comes to making the wrong decision?

You’re in good company when it comes to being a lessee of equipment in Canada .Canada’s largest corporations, right down to start ups and sole proprietorships lease assets. They lease these assets from companies that fall into three general categories – small, medium and large ticket assets. Things are somewhat further complicated because the companies that are in these three broad groups are independent commercial finance firms, foreign owned firms, Canadian firms, captive finance firms associated with manufactures, and bank owned in some case , And that’s Canadian bank owned and U.S. bank owned .

Help! We can almost hear clients as we walk them through the basics of some of the key points we’ve shared above. Is there a quicker way to the goal line considering all the demands of your time as a business owner or financial manager? There is… consider using an expert. What a revelation, right?! Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can meet all your lease financing needs and put you in a transaction that save money, accrues benefits ; now that’s a win/win!