Savable Mail Pieces for Marketing a Mortgage Company

Something I want to share with you is the phenomenon of your borrowers saving your “junk mail!”

“Like an old lady does with newspapers, or with tin cans!”

I had a guy once call me for help, after getting all my mortgage marketing mail pieces for 48 months! He finally called when I changed the look of the mail piece!

Finally just jarred him out of his “sleep,” I guess!

I had another lady carry around all my “newsletters,” as she called them for lack of a better word, in her purse before calling for help!

“When I met her, she told me about this, so I asked her to show me. No $#!t! She had 8 of them in there! Postmarks dating back 8 months or more!”

I had a guy call me just Monday, who still had my mail piece from August at work with him! He said he procrastinates a lot, and that’s prob’ly how he got in trouble with his bills! But said that it’s finally time to do something! And he hopes he still qualifies!

Oh, by the way, he does qualify. There’s another $10K-$15K (depending on where the loan amount comes out) that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not designed a “savable” mail piece! .as he’s not on my current list!

What are You Mailing this Week?

Does it look like what everyone else mails? When and if the mailman delivers it, what do your prospects do with it? Trash can? Do they ever open it?

Do they read the first sentence? Does the first sentence make them read the second sentence? The third? Does the entire piece make them take action and call?

If they are too lazy to call today, do they save the piece for when they have to do something?

“If your mail piece doesn’t cause immediate action today, and some action months from now.then you are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in leads you never even see!”

There are Acres of Diamonds lying at your feet! Your own county, and a couple counties next door, hold all the riches you could ever dream of!

Like I said to you the other day, most brokers think they need more “land” in their home state, or another license in another state!

And they’re wrong!

“It’s 10 times easier to mine what’s at your feet! And you don’t need to live in a big city for that to work either, so stop making excuses!”

We will sell-out for the Summit any day now. I figure, like anything, it’ll come all of the sudden, and surprise us all.

There are 13 spots left as of Tuesday evening. I could get 10 FedEx’s this morning, and 10 faxes, then have to figure out who was first!

What’s the big difference between successful people, and those who never are? Taking massive and immediate action when opportunity presents itself.