San Francisco Apartment Hunting

An Overview about Apartment Rental San Francisco

If you are looking for a rental apartment in the City of Golden Gates then let’s get going. San Francisco apartment rental options puts before you a wide variety of excellent flats with its own classy touch.

House Design: San Francisco is a hilly area with amazing panoramic views with a perfect weather all year round. The houses in San Francisco are built on the hill slope, adjacent to each other with no dividing fence in between. You have a wide range of apartment rentals in San Francisco options to choose from.

Apartment Rental San Francisco-Location
You must select an apartment in San Francisco near your work place. This is extremely important if you are a student in order to make commuting to work and school much easier for you. The rental pricing is generally influence by the neighboring areas and conveniences located nearby. The rental price rises if the adjacent area is full of classy shops, restaurants, and offer a nightlife. The following areas generally offer rental apartments.

Berkeley: Although the area is dingy and dirty, many students prefer to live here and therefore you get small and old flats for an extremely high rental fee. The rent for a small room in an old building may cost you as much as $700 per month. Berkeley Hills and Emeryville apartment rental may cost you cheaper.

Nob Hill: This place has a beautiful view and is situated in the vicinity of Financial District, North Beach and Union Square. It has various apartment rental options. Efficiency flats or studios start from $1200 per month. The costs will decline as you descend the hill. Laurel and Pacific Heights and Russian Hill may be more economical options for you.

North Beach: This is a youthful place for people in their early twenties. Rentals here may be higher than Nob Hill. Haight Ashbury and Western Addition are also preferred locations by youths.

Western side of the city: Families prefer to reside in the western part of the city, which offers a peaceful atmosphere with duplexes and houses. The rentals here begin from $1500. Apartments are difficult to find here.

Bay Area: It is very difficult to find an apartment for rent in the Bay Area.

Other Considerations for San Francisco Apartment Rental
The following other factors affect your final occupation of a rental apartment.

Pets: A very small percentage of the apartments will allow pets and with the condition that any damages caused by the pet will be repaired and paid in full by the owner of the pet. Some landlords may even ask you for an advance pet deposit. If you do not have a pet, the whole San Francisco area is open for you.

Parking: Since the city is quite old, most areas of the city do not have parking places. In Sunset or Richmond areas you may find parking space on the streets. Peninsula may offer you decent parking space, but finding an accommodation here is quite tough.

Landlords: You should approach a landlord when you are actually serious and have a fair idea about the apartment you would be taking. If the landlords find you genuine, the renting process will go quicker and more smoothly.

Rent application form: If a rent application form is available, fill it out carefully and with legible writing. It may be required to submit a credit report with your rental application. Be punctual for the meeting with the landlord and be pleasant in your disposition and attire. A landlord would want to have non-fussy and easy-to-handle tenants.