Sample Powerpoint Presentations

Sample PowerPoint Presentations – Starters Definitive Guide

While Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations are becoming more common in conferences, lectures, business presentations and other speaking engagements nowadays, many experienced speakers are still unable to make the most of them because of lack of technical know-how. You don’t really have to be techy in order to come up with great presentations all the time. For beginners, simply knowing where to get sample PowerPoint presentations saves loads of hard work.

Where to Get Them

The world wide web is a home to thousands of websites with pre-designed PowerPoint presentations, which you can use. Simply by googling the terms “sample PowerPoint presentations” you will be given thousands websites relevant to what you are searching for.

How-to websites are useful guide on creating PowerPoint presentations on your own. Some sites provide advanced techniques on how to make effective presentations for different purposes such as business meetings, conferences, lectures or product demo.

For newbies, the best source of information about how to use this program is Microsoft Office’s website. It provides complete product information including software features, technical resources, tips and tricks, and comparisons with older versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

If you are already familiar with the program but are in need of more ideas to improve your presentation, you can search for sites with pre-designed presentation backgrounds. You can download or copy these backgrounds and use them in your presentation. All you have to do now is just to create the layout, format the slides and add multimedia depending on your need.

Enhancing Sample Presentations

Creating your own presentation would be a lot more fun and exciting. You get to learn the tricks in creating high-impact slide presentations as you tinker with the program. To help you produce impressive PowerPoint presentation, here are some pointers you can use:

Keep your text readable. Consider audience seated at the back part of the lecture room or conference hall. Use font styles that are easy read and font colors that are pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, avoid placing long sentences in the slides. Use keywords and phrases, which are your main points, instead of long complex sentences. Use bullets to highlight these key ideas.

Choose your colors well. Your choice of colors could make or break your presentation. When your audience does not see anything on the screen because you’re using weak colors on a light background, they’d most likely turn their attention into something else. One effective strategy is using contrasting colors. Your font colors as well as the graphics must have high contrast with the background color to make the text or the contents of the slide stand out and not blend into the background color.

Avoid unnecessary transitions and excessive use of sound clips, pictures and videos. Especially when addressing professionals and persons in the higher rungs of corporate ladder, strive to keep your presentation simple yet formal. That means avoiding elaborate font styles, too many transitions, annoying sound clips and pictures. They can either irritate your audience or make them laugh to the point of missing your main point. Remember your purpose for conducting the presentation. If it’s not meant to entertain, then don’t make it humorous.

Plan your layout carefully. While an attractive layout keeps your audience interested, it is not good to go overboard to the point of making your audience more interested with the design rather than the content of your presentation.

Don’t show it all in your PowerPoint presentation. Include in it only the most important points you want your audience to know and remember. Take note that PowerPoint presentations are only tools that aid you in delivering your message – they should never replace you as the speaker or the presenter.