Same Day Teeth – Latest Dental Implant Technique to Load Missing Teeth in a Single Visit

Missing teeth, and the issues that arise with this particular dental problem, need to be addressed in the quickest possible time. A person who has lost several or all teeth will find it difficult to do even the simplest and most basic daily activities such as speaking, chewing, eating, or even smiling with missing teeth. Latest dental implant techniques such as ‘same day teeth’ or ‘one day teeth’ can quickly provide solutions to the previously mentioned missing teeth issues – in a single visit to the dentist.

What is Same Day Teeth Technique?
Same day teeth technique is a missing teeth solution that involves loading or placement of dental implants, and the attachment of tooth restorations (such as a dental crown) – all within the same day. Since there is no need for a waiting period between the time the dental implants are loaded, and the time when the teeth restorations will be attached – same day teeth procedure can provide all the benefits of missing teeth solutions to a patient in the shortest amount of time.

Advantages of Same Day Teeth Technique
Immediate Benefits – Compared to traditional dental implants that usually need a healing/waiting period spanning a few months before the teeth restorations can be attached, the implants and the teeth restorations can be loaded and placed within the same day with the ‘same day teeth’ technique. A patient does not need to wait for months to enjoy the full benefits of the dental implant and the actual tooth replacement. He/she can go home from a single day’s dental appointment with a brand new smile.

Less-Invasive Procedure – The method of placing teeth using this kind of dental implants is less-invasive, compared to traditional dental implants. The same day teeth technique does not require bone grafts, which may be needed for a traditional dental implant placement that involves a patient with insufficient jaw bone mass. This less-invasive procedure also translates to a quicker healing period for the patient, who will not have to undergo more complicated procedures connected to the dental implant placement.

Preparations for the Same Day Teeth Procedure
A thorough assessment will be done by the dentist or dental surgeon even before the start of this treatment plan. This initial assessment period will determine the patient’s suitability for this particular implant placement technique, and may involve diagnostics such as getting X-rays, CT scans, and impressions of the patient’s whole mouth area. The assessment period is also the stage when a patient’s needs, wants, and expectations are discussed with the dentist – to ensure that everything is perfectly clear, and so that the end-result of the whole procedure will be to the patient’s complete satisfaction.

Same day teeth technique provides quick and efficient solutions for missing teeth, and enables a person to enjoy a better quality of life in the soonest possible time after the loss of teeth. When missing teeth problems are addressed quickly, a patient will have more opportunities to concentrate on what matters most in his or her life – while smiling in the most confident, and brightest ways possible.