Same Day Smile Implants

Dental implants improve the appearance of a smile, and bring back the normal function of the teeth. This treatment is the ideal solution to missing teeth problems, but not everyone is eager to get implants to replace their lost natural teeth. This may be because of the long waiting period needed in order for the implants to heal, before they can be connected to the teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a dental bridge. Not everyone wants to go through a toothless period, or a time when uncomfortable temporary teeth restorations need to be used, while waiting for the implantsÂ’ healing to be completed. As a result, some people opt for quicker solutions such as removable dentures, which may cause even more problems in the long run due to their removable nature.

It is now possible to enjoy the benefits of an implant treatment without the long waiting period. Same day smiles is the method of dental implant and teeth restorations placement that can be completed in just one dental appointment. This means that a patient can come into the dental clinic for the procedure, and go home within the same day with a brand-new smile courtesy of an implant treatment. The implants are attached to the jawbone using procedure which is minimally invasive, cutting down the treatment time to just a fraction of what is usually needed for a traditional implant treatment. If teeth extractions are needed, these are also done within the same day the implants and teeth restorations are loaded. Same day teeth implants make it possible for the teeth restorations, such as a fixed dental bridge, to be attached to the implants without the long healing period that usually follows the loading of implants to the jawbone.

Same day teeth offer missing teeth solutions without the long waiting time, with the patient being able to enjoy all the benefits of an implant treatment after spending just a single day at the clinic. The treatment is considered to be a more affordable solution compared to the use of traditional implants, since the overall treatment time is shorter (with fewer dental visits). In general, overall treatment expenses are also reduced because there is no need to do more complicated procedures such as a bone graft. The minimally invasive technique of placing the implants in the jawbone result to a shorter recovery period and downtime for the patient, who will also be treated to less discomfort with the same day dental implants.