Sales Strategy #1: Get Your B*utt on the Phone!

When you’re selling your product, do you feel like you are bothering people when you call them? Or maybe you’re just intimidated by the whole process of selling over the phone. If so, you are not alone! This is probably the most common business problem I hear about in speaking engagements and individual coaching.

Getting your b*utt on the phone can get you more business several ways. You are reminding the call recipient of your marketing message, building a relationship, giving and receiving referrals and getting sales. Understanding this is the first step toward picking up the phone.

The next step requires serious work. You need to become extremely familiar with your product, your ideal client and the benefits your client derives from your product. Next, you need to write scripts for all possible outcomes. Finally, you need to have a planned outcome for the call and be prepared for that outcome.

Becoming extremely familiar with your product requires first listing all features of your product. This list should include its function, appearance, price, how to get it, etc. From this list, create a new list with the benefits your clients get from purchasing your product. This list can include things like saving time and/or money, improving health or appearance, providing joy, etc.

The next step, which I learned to do from the book “Jump Start Your Business Brain” by Doug Hall, is to make from your list of benefits a new list – of overt benefits. Overt benefits are often quantifiable and help to differentiate your product from others. For example, instead of saying your product saves your customers time, you would say it saves your customers an average of 1 hour per day. Instead of saying that your product improves health, you might say that your product eliminates morning back stiffness in 3 out of 4 people surveyed.

Don’t be surprised if this process takes hours and several iterations before you’re happy with the result. You may want to ask your current and past customers for their input. In my experience, they are usually happy to help.

To become extremely familiar with your ideal customer may also take a substantial time investment. FOR MARKETING PURPOSES, it is important to target a segment of the general market for your product. The reason for this is that people are bombarded with marketing messages constantly from every possible source. You need to make an emotional connection with individuals in order to get your message through, and the best way to do that is to target a group that is interested in buying your product.

Research what turns them on about your product and its benefits and use that in your marketing message.

Once this work is initially behind you, you will need to write a script for every possibility, including, but not limited to:
• If they answer the phone
• If someone else answers and asks to take a message
• If someone else answers and tries to prevent you from talking to the decision maker
• If you get a machine
• If the prospect has questions

Always keep in mind what you are selling – the product or an appointment to sell the product. This is your planned outcome and makes a big difference in your scripts. Also, when they say yes, get whatever important info you need and get off the phone. NOTE: *NEVER* call your best prospect first! Practice on the mediocre prospects first.

Finally, you need to be prepared for the prospect to say yes! You need to have your calendar open, order forms at the ready, be ready to take credit cards or whatever else you need in order to process the ‘yes’. Make it as easy as possible for the sale to take place.

After going through this process, maybe several times, you should feel much more confident. Your prospects will benefit from your product – you’re doing them a favor by allowing them to purchase it! In addition, if they say no, they’re not saying no to you, personally, they’re just saying no to your product. Ask them why they are saying no and keep track of their answers. You can use all information prospects and customers are willing to give you to perfect your sales process.

Now, Get Your B*utt On The Phone!!

Copyright (c) 2007 Audrey Burton