Sales and Marketing Master Class

The best advice I can give you at this point is to tell you to read right to the end of this article to find the gold dust.

Commercial managers sometimes forget how important the sales and marketing elements are to their success in business. They become so hide-bound by administration that they overlook this vital element of commercial life. It is always an after thought, or they just can’t or won’t find the time to manage it properly. And yet, if there are product and services to be sold, they should be doing so in the most cost effective and profitable way, maximizing the market exposure and the returns on investment. This holds true for small single owner business as much as for huge corporations.

If customers are not aware of the product they will not buy it, and if they don’t buy it, it is impossible to generate a profit. The very essence of marketing is to bring to the market a product it wants, and to package and price it correctly so that it makes a profit for the business. Responsibility for the effectiveness of this falls to the sales and marketing department.

Everyone has their own preferred emphasis. Some prefer direct mail marketing, others prefer network marketing while a large number lean more and more towards email marketing. But whatever the preference, the marketing strategy and all it entails is a vital step. It is the driver needed to succeed for both you personally and the business overall.

Sales and marketing training courses should be regular ports of call for every member of the team. Most people are not natural salesmen. Don’t be disheartened! Everyone can learn the necessary skills so that they are repeated like drills. With a well thought out training and development program, the most suitable response on the part of the salesman should be second nature. Also with marketing, one should be able to respond instinctively and creatively.

There is such a choice of media now that for the marketers it can be overwhelming. The widespread use of the Internet and the increasing availability of high speed connections, along with TV,results in vast numbers of potential customers being introduced to a product or service in no time at all. It is always worth seeing how the market uses the search engines to better understand its psyche. Don’t you wonder at how some peoples’ minds work? What makes them enter words in that order. Did you know that one of the phrases most looked for in the search engines is ‘engine marketing search’. It’s a funny way to do it, but more than 1 million searches do so each month. Why do they reverse the words? I can’t tell you- but I do know that it is important commercial intelligence that might be able to be used in some way when reflecting on the strategy and the campaign.

Marketing managers vary in their approaches, but some will undoubtedly choose to use a marketing agency. The difficulty here is that many would like to seize the opportunity to do their own thing at your expense. Many designers have a similar attitude. If you opt for a marketing agency to rn and manage your campaign, you cannot afford to do so without first presenting the agency with a full and detailed marketing brief. The aim of this is not to limit their creativity, but to keep it focussed on your needs and not theirs. All this of course should be underpinned by solid market research.

At its most basic level, both selling and marketing are about the art of communications and the best choice of media for the markets to be targeted. It has to be said however, that not all possible clients and customers should be treated to the same method or system. For example, wholesale and retail markets will attract different methods of communication by the sales team. Again, if a product is to be sold in a store or shop, it is not the same approach as advertising an article to be sold at auction. Each market niche needs its own type and style of advertisement. Ads will have to designed to appeal to that niche, and it is important to understand the socio-demographics of the niche to get this right.

The real secret of success here is to start to do things differently. The old maxim about being surprised when there is no change in circumstances while you continue to do things in the same way stands as an eternal truth. I would encourage anyone to go and see, hear and / or read what Dan Kennedy has to say on this subject. A quick Google search will reveal a wealth of material. My best counsel is that you should note well what he has to say. Dan is one of the foremost sales and marketing consultants in America.