Safety using Backpacks for Kids

Back packs for kids can be used for a number of things and when you find a good quality pack, it can last for decades if properly cared for.

Of course there are backpacks for kids that range in colors sizes and shapes, most often sold in quantities in Aug and Sept when kids are going back to school. These packs can range in price from $15.00 – $200.00. You can even get a back pack for kids with wheels on it-which isn’t a bad idea considering the weight of textbooks and other school related items brought back and forth to school.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that our youth carry nothing more than 10%-20% of the child’s body weight on their back. Below are a few tips you can initiate to ensure your children are safer when using backpacks for kids.

Of course there are some things to consider and research prior to and during a purchase of backpacks for kids. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for children’s safety when using backpacks for kids.

  • Ergonomics: Ensure that the shoulder straps are tightened so the weight of the pack rests on the lower back. If you cannot adjust the straps to where the pack rests on his or her lower back, the backpack for kids is not the correct size.
  • Distribution of weight: Ensure the back of the pack is padded; waist straps are present on the pack and enforce the rule that your child must keep their backpacks for kids securely clipped while transporting items in the bag.
  • Shoulder protection: Ensure your backpacks for kids has either contoured or padded shoulder straps as well as wide shoulder straps.
  • Use as directed: make sure your child wears his or her backpack for kids on both shoulders (commonly backpacks are worn by slinging the pack over just one should-this is not a safe or healthy way to carry ones belongings).
  • Copies of textbooks: Attain extra copies from the school of any extra heavy textbooks your children may be lugging back and forth from home to school. You can check with the child’s school or share a textbook with neighbors of children in the same grade.
  • EBook: Attain an electronic copy of all your children’s books for the year to keep on your home computer. This will enable the backpacks for kids won’t be weighing your child down and you can keep better tabs on your child’s school work.
  • Wheels: Backpack for kids on wheels is a smart alternative to children carrying weight on their backs. Keep in mind, the child will still need to lift the pack up and down even if it is on wheels.

Some parents may tend to take a complaint from a young child with back pain. Take them seriously, if they mention pain in the shoulders, neck or back. Explain to your children the importance of the backpack and its safe use. Encourage the children to notify a parent or adult if they experience any pains or injury sustained when using their backpacks for kids.