Safety Information for the Nintendo Wii

With all the injuries that were reported soon after the release of the Nintendo Wii, people striated taking heed of all the seeming silly safety information that came with the console. Because the Wii uses a whole new system of control, it has all new safety concerns as well as the traditional ones that go along with video games. Understanding how to safely play the Wii will ensure that players have both a safe and enjoyable time.

Always wear the wrist strap that comes with the Wii controller. Properly tighten it aroung your wrist and make sure all players do the same. Many people thought this was an unnecessary precaution when they first bought their Wii, but after Wii remotes began flying into TV screens and people’s faces it proved to be useful advice. Many players get very involved in the game and the potential for flying remotes is possible.

Always hold the Wii remote tightly and don’t let go. As realistic as the games are, you don’t have to release the remote to make them work. If you do let go of the controller the wrist strap may break and the remote will go flying. If your hands get sweaty, take a moment to dry them off so the remote doesn’t accidentally slip out of your hand.

Nintendo recommends leaving at least three feet of room between you and the TV while you are playing the Wii. The controller will work up to thirty feet away so don’t get too close. The same goes for people and objects in the room, plenty of reports of injury from swinging remotes too close to people and furniture have surfaced after the release of the Wii.

Even though the Wii is a revolutionary new way to play video games, it still carries the traditional video game safety warnings. Bright flashing lights like to ones on video games can cause seizures in a small percentage of the population so always play in a well lit room and stay as far away from the TV as possible. Playing video games for a long time can cause eye strain and since the Wii is so interactive, some games giving you a good work out, it can cause muscle fatigue as well. Motion sickness can also occur form watching movement on the screen.

Like any other electronic device, the Wii can cause electrical shock if the console is tampered with or if the power cord is damaged. Because the Wii remote uses batteries it can cause electrical shock as well if batteries are not properly installed. You should never mix old and new batteries or put them in incorrectly.

Even though the Nintendo Wii comes with the standard laundry list of precautions and safety information, most people who use common sense will never encounter a problem. Take breaks when playing for prolonged periods and be aware of everyone around you. As long as you use the wrist strap properly and play safely the Wii is an enjoyable video game system for everyone.