Safely Creating an Internet Modeling Portfolio

It’s extremely advantageous to advertise yourself as a model on the Internet these days. An online portfolio almost eliminates the need for a physical portfolio – but because the information that you supply is so personal, you’re strongly advised to be careful about what you advertise!

That may sound difficult to do – after all, your vitals (your height, weight, hair and eye color) are some of your major selling points. How can you promote yourself without these hot tickets to stardom?

With a little smart thinking, you can advertise your natural beauty without worry. The trick is to make this information available in a way that doesn’t compromise your personal safety.

Go on and flaunt your stats and be sure to load your online portfolio with plenty of professional photographs. Just don’t do any of the following:

1. Use your last name. Using your first name to promote yourself online is A-OK. But when you combine that with your last name, you’re opening yourself up to identification opportunities. This would be fine if everyone was an angel or saint, but let’s face it – there are some real weirdo’s out there and leaving your last name off of your online portfolio will make it harder for them to access you.

2. Display your home or business address. Use a post office box instead. That way you can filter out the serious inquiries from the not-so serious inquires or worse – stalker material. If feasible, get a post office box that accepts forwarded mail. That way, you don’t have to reveal the city that you live in.

3. Show your phone number. That’s a no-brainer, but because the modeling industry is so competitive, you might feel pressured into using tactics that might put you ahead of all your competitors. Instead of a phone number, give people a voicemail number to contact you with. Like a post office box, you can use voice mail as a filtering device and return seemingly interested inquiries.

If you’re ever in doubt about something – do the safer thing and leave it off of your online portfolio. Essentially, all you really need to sell yourself online are good quality photographs and an email address. Anything more should be carefully weighed against experience, warnings, and good ol’ common sense.

If you’re a young teenage model, ask an adult for help if you receive something in email, postal mail, or in your voice mail message box that you’re not sure about.